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The Use Of Ozone For Bottled Beverages

As bottled beverages have become universal, and consumers have become more aware of health-related issues, beverage manufacturers have been forced to consider how to ensure their beverages are safe to drink. The beverage company faces challenges such as delivering a product that is free of bacteria and that has a long shelf life. The use of ozone for bottled beverages has become a favorite of such companies worldwide due to its powerful disinfectant properties, environmentally friendly treatment process and ability to remove unwanted tastes and odors.


Its effectiveness in purifying and conditioning water has led municipal water companies to use ozone technology for many years. Water can be kept sanitized throughout a facility by adding ozone during treatment, since ozone returns to Oxygen naturally without leaving any residue behind.

Ozone is a very critical component of bottled water. As the ozone level drops below an adequate level, bacteria spores residing in the water, inside the plastic walls and within the closure device are likely to reappear and potentially contaminate the entire product. For best results, ozone should be applied in the range of 1.0 to 2.0 mg/lit for a period of 4 to 10 minutes to ensure that there is no ozone left in the container after bottling. This helps to maintain a residual ozone level of 0.1 to 0.4 ppm. Additionally, the bottles can be sanitized and disinfected while they are being filled with the product.

In addition to rinsing and cleaning bottles, ozonated water can also be used to disinfect production equipment. The distribution system’s unchlorinated water is therefore less likely to grow bacteria. This also results in a reduction of clean-in-place (CIP) needed to maintain the cleanliness of the operation. Ozonated caps and bottling rinse systems are now used by many plants.

In order to protect consumers’ health against microorganisms, water bottlers can use ozone treatment as a microbiological barrier. Many bottlers worldwide use ozone to ensure their products are safe and taste great. The bottled water industry has relied on ozone since its inception to provide a safe and aesthetically pleasing product.

Effects of Ozone


Treatment of bacterial, viral, and parasitic infections with ozone. This is why ozone has a high degree of effectiveness against all bacteria.

Chemical Oxidation – Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent and is very effective against all organic materials that cause odor and taste as well as oxidizable inorganics.

Ozone decomposes substantially more quickly than oxygen under room temperature conditions. The decomposition rate is largely determined by the temperature and the pH of water. In potable tap water with a pH of 7.0 and a temperature of 20o C, ozone typically has a half-life of 24 hours.

Commercial Ozone Production

Ozone cannot be extracted from nature like other chemicals. Ozone generators are able to produce it on-demand. When electrons flow at sufficiently high electrical potential through an air enriched with oxygen, they accelerate electrons and create ozone. This process is called a “corona discharge,” and occurs when electrons flow between two electrically charged plates. A gap of air separates the two electrodes. Whenever there is sufficient voltage potential between the two electrodes, a dielectric material is inserted in the gap, which allows current to flow through the dielectric material and gas.

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It is necessary to make ozone soluble in water, as it is a gas. Changing from a gas phase to a liquid phase requires proper mixing within the system. Ozone gas should be dissolved into the water as much as possible. Therefore, design of an efficient ozonation system must include ozone contacting.

Concerns over bromine in groundwater have arisen when applying ozone to bottled water. Some bottled waters have a distinctive taste because of naturally occurring minerals, but oxidation of these elements can cause complications. It is important to consider bromate (BrO3-) for ozonation of waters in which the Bromate concentration is greater than 0.10 mg Br-/L. Bromide levels can be elevated by overzealous ozone treatment when there is a high concentration of bromide present, exceeding the EPA’s maximum contaminant level of 10 g BrO3-. Although bromate can be produced, it can be minimized. The treatment process value can reduce bromate production by delivering accurate doses of ozone through properly designed bottling systems. Studies have shown that lowering the pH of the water from 7.6 to 6.8 results in almost 60% less bromate than the MCL while still retaining a satisfying taste.

Advantages Of Using Ozone in Bottling Industry

  • By disinfecting water with ozone, all types of microorganisms in it are eliminated.
  • In addition to being extremely useful in disinfecting bottles and wet parts of bottling equipment and machinery, ozone is also helpful in disinfecting bottles prior to bottling and reusable bottles in the washing section.
  • Operating costs can be reduced by using ozone.
  • Reduced chemical dosing, assessment of discharges and downtime in plants is another benefit of using ozone.
  • Oxygen is naturally reverted to ozone by the action of ozone, so contamination or byproducts are not typically associated with it.
  • Ozone is be generated on-site, so there is no need to store or handle dangerous materials.
  • It is an environmentally friendly process.
  • The bottled water is further disinfected with ozone on the surface and the sealed cap.

Bottom Line

A unique and valuable process, ozone treatment can be used for many purposes. All treatment objectives can be achieved without leaving a chemical residue or taste behind. The oxidizing power of ozone is unmatched. This gas performs its function and then dissipates. It is also possible to leave the water disinfected without the by-products of disinfection if appropriate pretreatment and careful monitoring and control are undertaken.

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