Ozone to Eliminate Odors

How To Use Ozone To Eliminate Odors

Using an ozone generator is one of the simplest ways to eliminate contaminants and odors from the air in homes, offices, and even in cars. This machine “shocks” the air and delivers results quickly. Ozone generators are dangerous due to the same molecular process that makes them effective.  

To have your home smelling great, and that there is no trace of foul odors, the professional ozonators are recommended for removing tough and difficult odors. There is no better and faster way to eliminate tough odors which are making your home difficult to live in.

How do ozone generators eliminate odors?

Ozone is produced by breaking apart oxygen molecules (O2) so that individual atoms are able to react with each other and create an ozone molecule (O3). Alternatively, the oxygen molecules are split by UV radiation.

This can be achieved by silent corona discharge , which involves using electric discharge to split the oxygen molecules, or by using an electric discharge to split the oxygen molecules. This can create ozone either way.

Most manufacturers and retailers of ozone generators claim that ozone molecules will chemically react with gases such as VOCs, bacteria, viruses, and other gaseous pollutants to stop odors from spreading. The research has found that VOCs can take hundreds of years to break down under ozone concentrations in particular.

While some air purifiers removed VOCs using ozone as the cleaning agent, ozone alone had low removal efficiencies and caused a variety of hazardous byproducts.

There is even a possibility that ozone production in excess with unsaturated VOCs will result in harmful intermediates—aldehydes, organic acids , and fine particle formation. Furthermore, most VOCs react slowly with ozone during indoor air pollution.

What precautions should be taken to remove odors?

Ozone to Eliminate Odors

There is no federal approval for using ozone generators in occupied spaces, but they are legal to sell as air cleaners and to market, but they produce ozone as a byproduct. Ozone generators should be used with the following precautions:

Using an ozone generator to deal with car odor is the best solution. Let the machine run for about an hour and then allow it to air out overnight.

Any item that you don’t want to discolor or be damaged should be removed from any room where you will use an ozone generator.

The breathing symptoms caused by breathing in the air after using the generator can be worsened. Ensure that the ozone settles for at least two hours before entering again.

Pets and children should not be in the vicinity of an ozone generator when it is running.

How do ozone generators perform to eliminate odors?

While all odor molecules are volatile organic compounds (VOCs), however, here are some ways ozone may interact with specific problems odors in your home:

1. Pet odors

Ozone to Eliminate Odors

The majority of smelly situations in a home come from our pets, which may be a member of our family. Since pet dander is composed of skin flakes, it is difficult to remove with traditional methods. Pet odors, which humans can detect, maybe covered up by ozone machines in a room.

Pet urine, however, will not oxidize when it comes into contact with carpeting and porous materials since urea is present. As such, you should identify the source of the odor before using the ozone generator.

2. Large car (transport) odors

When producing, transporting livestock, and much more, trucking companies that handle goods with strong odors may need to conduct frequent odor removal.

For some transportation vehicles (while unoccupied), an ozone generator can be run for several hours during the time it takes for the smell to dissipate. It is not certain whether ozone can be effective on VOCs, however, and its effectiveness may be limited if it is applied rapidly.

3. Cigarette smoke

Ozone to Eliminate Odors

Taking immediate action to mitigate smoke odors is essential, as it is hazardous to inhale and difficult to remove from the air. Many people use ozone or other extreme methods to remove its odor because it is difficult to remove. The use of ozone in this way, however, has some serious caveats. Some researchers have noted that ozone is hard on asthma sufferers and cardiovascular issues, as well as possibly harmful to humans if it is in high enough concentrations. The risks associated with removing smoke by using ozone are easy to understand because smokers are at higher risk for both asthma and cardiovascular disease.

4. Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew produce odors that are maskable by ozone. Ozone may eliminate odors, but it depends on a variety of factors, including the type of mold, its source, and the extent of the problem. Yet, in the case of mold and mildew odors, ozone generators might be a viable option as mold will oxidize under high-shock ozone conditions. This level of ozone requires safety precautions since it is too high to be exposed.

Dark, humid places that lack fresh air are a perfect environment for mold and mildew to flourish. For mold and odor to be effectively eliminated, moisture and humidity must first be removed or permanently solved from the walls, floors, etc.

In addition to its unpleasant smell, ozone can also cause mold growth, so preventing it this way may just be replacing one issue with another. Furthermore, ozone generators will most likely not be able to heal the mold’s underlying cause, so they will be only a partial solution at best.

5. Human smells and body odors

Past tenants’ odors often linger in rental homes. By just leaving the windows open or through a simple cleaning routine, it can be hard to get rid of strong body odors. The next step may be to install an ozone generator in this situation. Research suggests, however, “that body odor may be hidden by the smell of ozone, but it cannot be removed by ozone.”

 As a result, if humans emit foul odors, it seems reasonable to turn to other conventional cleaning methods before relying on ozone, which has limitations.

Final words

For a few reasons, it will almost always be better to have a professional conduct the ozone treatment instead of trying to do it on your own. A very high concentration of ozone can be dangerous. If the ozone machine is not regulated and vented properly, it can produce high levels of ozone which can cause sickness.

With Ozone Generators‘ ozone treatment services and odor removal, you will not have to worry about those unpleasant smells in your home. Get started today by to eliminate odors by contacting Ozongenerators!

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