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Commercial Ozone Generator For Water & Air Treatment

Commercial ozone generators are a great way to improve the quality of the air in your business. By using an ozone generator, you can kill bacteria and viruses, remove smoke and odors, and reduce allergies. In this blog post, we will discuss how these commercial ozone generators can benefit your business. Stay tuned! Ozone is highly efficient in eradicating organic odors, including tobacco smoke scents, pet odors, food reeks, mold and mildew smells, garbage smells, human scents, and so on. It destroys noxious gases and molecules that foster those unpleasant smells. Ozone reacts with airborne pollutants as well as odors in carpets, curtains, furniture fabrics, and clothing. It’s important to eliminate germs and bacteria from every source if you own

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Ozone For Chemical Odor Removal: What You Need To Know

It is not only unpleasant to smell chemicals, but they can be a sign that something is occurring in the atmosphere that you shouldn’t be exposed to. Cleaning and medical facilities, DIY projects and renovations are major sources of chemical odors. It is common for chemical odors to be strong and potent until they are aired out, and generally, when they are left for some time, they will disperse naturally around a well-ventilated space. So what’s the solution? The answer is ozone! Yes, ozone for chemical odor removal can effectively eliminate chemical odors. It is difficult to eliminate chemical odors from a room or space when they become embedded in the materials and are difficult to remove even with the

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The Use Of Ozone For STP Exhaust Odor Removal

Our ozone generators are specifically designed for the use in STP exhausts or ducts. Ozonating fluids are environmentally friendly. The oxidizing and disinfecting properties of ozone are well known. The oxidation process is capable of disinfecting, removing pathogens, contamination, metals, and nonmetals. Ozone is nature’s natural cleaning solution – it is non-toxic and leaves no byproducts behind. Ultimately, it decomposes into life-needing oxygen in the atmosphere. Continue reading to learn more about the use of ozone for STP exhaust odor removal. STP Exhaust Deodorization With Ozone Generator The exhaust system of the STP emits an excessive amount of foul odors and harmful chemicals, causing irritation among residents. The exhaust odor can be efficiently removed by ozone systems. Through the nozzle

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Ozone Dye Color Removal For Textile Industry

Textile wastewater streams, as well as industrial waste streams, have been successfully treated with ozone throughout the world. A combination of ozone and biological treatment systems, such as activated sludge, is often used to treat wastewater. Because of their large molecular sizes, organic dyes are generally refractory and cannot be rapidly removed by adsorption on activated sludge. In some cases, ozone is used before biological treatment.  Ozone dye color removal is excellent option for any industry involved in textile processing. Ozone in Wastewater and Textile Processing The use of ozone is gradually replacing chlorine in wastewater and textile processing. The oxidizing power of ozone makes it safer to use than other oxidizing agents. When dissolved materials absorb visible light, or

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Ozone Generator For Industry Odor Removal

As cities move closer to industrial areas, odors from industries are becoming more and more problematic. Processing industries, fisheries, biodiesel plants, and the like can generate odors that can be troublesome to the surrounding environment. In close proximity to urban areas, odor control systems have become essential. However, ozone generator for industry odor removal is the ideal solution. Here’s why… Why Ozone is Great for Industrial Odor Removal? Industrial air sterilization with ozone treatment is efficient. The oxidation potential of ozone is very high, meaning that it can break down other molecular structures.  Ozone breaks down organic compounds which cause odors, so it is easily able to remove them. In kitchen ventilation as well as in a range of industries,

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Industrial and Commercial Use Of Ozone

Ozone is a type of natural gas composed of three oxygen atoms (O3 – trioxygen), with a relatively unstable molecule. In nature, this gas is found in a higher concentration in the ozone layer. It can also be produced in industrial and commercial applications by Corona discharge or UV lights. The gas ozone has a peculiar piercing smell and a pale blue color. The use of ozone can be found in clinical settings, medical and aesthetic treatments, and for disinfecting and sterilizing instruments and rooms.  Among domestic purposes, for treating drinking water, washing fruits and vegetables, purifying the air, and treating swimming pool water. There are many more uses of ozone at the industrial level as well, in addition to

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Clean In Place (CIP Ozone Treatment)

For cleaning and sanitizing process equipment, significant amounts of water, energy and chemicals are used throughout the industrial sector, food and beverage, dairy facilities, process industry, and pharmaceutical plants. With CIP ozone treatment, you can achieve high productivity of your business without worrying about its maintenance. You may face these problems if process equipment isn’t maintained clean: Heavy maintenance Increased demand on chemicals, water & energy Spoiled final product Inefficient heat exchangers In the CIP waters with low nutrient levels, maintaining low levels of microbial contamination continues to be a challenge. The traditional belief was that systems operating at temperatures of over 165° F. up to 185° F. could provide the highest level of safety, but were prohibitively expensive to

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