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Ozone Laundry System for Family Use

Additional information

Weight1.8 kg
Dimensions43.2 × 25.4 × 9.4 cm
Input Voltage


Output Voltage

DC 12V 2.5A 30W

Ozone Concentration

0.4-0.5 mg/l

Water Pressure

Minimum: 15 psi
Maximum: 75psi

Operating Temperature


Product Information

Household Ozone Water Processor

Inspired by Nature – A New Generation of Household Water Processor

Leading the New Era of Family Laundry

Using ozonated water, you can wash clothes, remove pesticides, detoxification, toilet flushing, disinfection, deodorization, etc, which saves time, water, and electricity expense.

New Technology for Ozone Cleaning

With the strong oxidation characteristics of ozone water, this ozone laundry system can be used for washing clothes, surface sterilization, odor removal, fluorescent whitening agent removal and whitening. By wiping and washing, ozonated water can also sterilize various surfaces in any environment and remove pesticide residues from the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Internal Structure and Workflow

  1. Households enter the water processor through the inlet and flow through to the jet.
  2. Pure air enters the ozone generator from the air dryer.
  3. The ejector will create a powered water stream of flowing water.
  4. The water with ozone flows to the gas-liquid mixing place, so that the ozone and water are fully mixed (the ozone concentration is as high as 0.5mg/L).
  5. The fully mixed water is sterilized by the ultraviolet germicidal lamp behind the mixer.
  6. The sterilized uniform ozone water is transported to the washing machine, kitchen, toilet and other water places through pipelines.

Dangers of Conventional Washing

Clothes may contain fluorescent agents after being washed.
Fruits and vegetables may contain pesticide residues and preservatives.
In kitchens, bathrooms and washing machines, clothes are easy to be the breeding ground for germs.

Ozone Water

Ozone is strongly oxidizing and extremely unstable. It can be decomposed by bacteria and pollutants into harmless CO2 and HO2.


The reduced use of chemical detergents can prevent skin from contacting with harmful chemicals, effectively kill bacteria, viruses, remove odors, and enhance the health of family members. Ozonated water can achieve a whitening effect 3,000 times of conventional bleaches.

More Economical

Using ozonated water can reduce the use of chemical detergent and avoid the use of chemical germicides and softeners, which can bring a significant reduce in the daily economic expense.

Save Up to Over $600/Year

$200 on Chemical Detergent & Bleaches

$370 on Heating Water

$50 on Fabric Softeners


Reduce the discharge of water with detergents and the disposal of 37 plastic packs of daily washing products on average per year.


DC Power Supply with Water Leakage Protection Measure

Household Water Processor

One machine for multiple applications in laundry, kitchen and bathroom at the same time.

Product Details

Front View

Water Injection Mode Selector

Silica Gel Air Desiccant

Secure Power Port


  1. Ozonated water supplier for ozone laundry.

  2. Ozone fruits and vegetable sterilization.

  3. Multiple applications of ozonated water.

  4. More economical laundry solution that reduces daily costs.

  5. Environment-friendly laundry with no discharge of chemicals.

  6. Easy Installation and operation to make the life easier.

Attention to details and flexibility…

We developed a great partnership with We appreciate their attention to details of the ozone generators and flexibility in the fulfillment of the orders. They did a great job showcasing their products with pictures, video, and thoughtful customer service. It is a credible supplier of ozone generators. We get compliments all the time.

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