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Product: Ozone Laundry System for Family Use

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 31 × 42 × 9.6 cm
Input Voltage


Output Voltage

DC 12V 3A 30W

Active Oxygen Concentration

0.4-0.5 mg/l

Water Pressure Requirements

40-75 Psi

Product Information

Ozone Laundry System




1. Tap water will enter the  ozone water generator through the water inlet and flow to the jet.
2. Purified air will enter the ozongenerator through the air dryer.
3. The jet will inhale the ozone gas generated by the ozongenerator into the pipeline of the ozone water generator.
4. The water with ozone will flow into the gas-liquid mixer where ozone and water can be fully mixed. (the ozone concentration can be up to 0.5 mg/L)
5. The fully mixed ozone water will be sterilized by the UV sterilization lamp behind the gas-liquid mixer.
6. The sterilized ozone water will be transported to the washing machine, kitchen, bathroom and other places where ozone water will be used.

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