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5-15g/h Multipurpose Ozone Generator

Ozone sterilization: The bacteriolysis of ozone can achieve highly effective killing of bacteria, viruses, spores, fungi and other harmful microorganisms.
Ozone odor removal: Ozone oxidation can be used to remove a variety of indoor odor from human body, food residue, decoration, mold and other factors.
Ozone detoxification: Ozone can degrade pesticide residues in vegetables and fruits through its strong oxidation and thus ensure food safety.
Ozone decolorization: Ozone is widely used in dyeing industry for the decolorization of dyes and wastewater pretreatment applications.
A Healthy and Environment-friendly Solution: Ozone produces no harmful ingredients in the above treatment processes. It will not lead to any secondary pollution.
1. Indoor Air Sterilization: Indoor air sterilization in houses, hotels, clubs, bars, Internet bars, karaoke, game centers, supermarkets, office buildings, etc.
2. Food Sterilization: Ozone is highly effective in killing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms from food including fruits, vegetables, meat, etc.
3. Household Item Sterilization: Ozone can be used for the sterilization for multiple household items such as clothes, pillows, towels, toys, tools, etc.
4. Water Treatment: Ozone water treatment can be widely applied in the water purification in SPA, swimming pools, well water, drinking water, tap water, etc.

Additional information

Product Information

5-15g/h Multipurpose Ozone Generator

Multi-Function Ozone Generator For
Air and Water Disinfection


Remove Residual

Remove Oder

Oxygen Increasing


Operation Method 1:

Connect to power supply and
turn on the machine

Turn on the air pump

Regulate flow

Lights up and starts working

Operation Method 2:

Connect to power supply and
turn on the machine

Connect the gas inlet and outlet pipes

Regulate flow

The indicator light will shine and it
starts to work

Inside the Ozone Generator

Packaging Materials

Expanded polyethylene (aka EPE foam) + thickened carton
Packaging list:
In the package you will find: a machine, a power cable, a silicone tube, a check valve, an ejector, a bubble stone.
The device has two operation modes:
1. Use the built-in air pump
2. Use the external oxygen source

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