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Anhui Morhon Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on providing a one-stop solution for global buyers to purchase products from China. In view of foreign buyers’ unfamiliarity with the Chinese market and a series of difficulties encountered in the process of purchasing in China, our professional service team can provide a professional service in the filtration of product manufacturers, the verification of the qualification of the enterprise, the quality control of the products and the arrangement of the delivery of the orders. The purpose of everything we do is to give ease and reliability to global buyers for their purchase from China.

Established in 2015, Morhon Technology is located in Tianchang, Anhui province, the hometown of Electronic products in China. In terms of geographical location, the company is close to Shanghai, Nanjing, Yangzhou and other eastern coastal developed cities. With Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway and 205 national highway, it has superior geographical advantages and convenient transportation conditions. Morhon has a standard production factory covering more than 8000 square meters, which is over 30 years old. The number of professional workers exceeds 200, with senior technical personnel accounting for 30%. After years of innovation and development, both the category, design and production of our products have been significantly improved. Currently, our series of products include a full range of ozone generators and ozone water generators for home, commercial, car, SPA, industrial, agricultural and other application scenarios. For the differentiated demands for the ozone production and application methods, we have a complete product solution for our customers.

After several years of operation, with our understanding of the Chinese market and profound foreign trade experience, our business partners cover large, medium and small purchasers from multiple industries. In terms of products, with our self-owned production factory, we can provide personalized and differentiated product solutions according to our customer’s needs. For the different sizes of the orders, we can also provide our customers with more logical packaging and logistics solutions. In terms of team management, we always recruit employees according to strict standards so as to ensure that our team can continuously provide a professional whole-process services to our customers.

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