Ozone For Odor Removal
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The Use OF Ozone For Odor Removal

Ozone has many applications and uses to disinfect, clean and maintain the health and cleanliness of your home, car or work environment. In modern ozone generators, the ozone is concentrated at a safe level, yet the ozone is powerful enough to kill 99.99% of germs, bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and other common contaminants. Continue reading to learn more about use of ozone for odor removal.


In spite of their microscopic size, the most dangerous home microorganisms are invisible to the naked eye. Ozone can clean and eliminate these microscopic invaders. Of course, this is impressive, but how does ozone work against odors? Are bad smells immune to ozone’s disinfectant power? What are smells, how are they made, and why do they occur?

There is a lot of talk about ozone, but what does it really mean? The ozone layer is most likely the ozone we hear about in the news. A thin layer of ozone separates our atmosphere from space. Keeping our planet cool and temperatures stable, ozone blocks harmful UV rays from entering the atmosphere. The molecule ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms naturally occurring in the atmosphere. Ozone is created by joining atoms of oxygen that are usually separated by catalysts into groups of three, which are dormant for most of the time.

Electricity and ultraviolet light are the two most common catalysts for atomizing oxygen. When electricity is applied at high enough voltage, oxygen molecules can be separated into their constituent parts, and as a result, the oxygen molecules combine into ozone or standard oxygen. In addition to being a disinfectant, ozone can also be used to clean air, water or surfaces at home or on the go.

Because of its instability, ozone breaks down into two atoms of oxygen instead of three, which is standard oxygen. By passing the spare oxygen atom from ozone to another molecule, the excess oxygen can further break down or alter it so that it is no longer harmful.

What Causes Odors?

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed an unpleasant odor or smell. There is usually a source of household odors, and those sources are typically bacteria or byproducts of manufacture. There are bacteria that produce extremely pungent odors. Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, basements and home offices are typically places to find bacteria. There are a lot of smelly bacteria stockpiles that are hard to find because many of them are invisible to the naked eye or located in hard-to-reach areas.

These germ depots can develop an offensive scent the longer they sit and fester. If these kinds of odors are not dealt with at their source, they are nearly impossible to hide, no matter how many air fresheners you spray. 

A bacteria source is usually to blame for common household odors. The ozone gas is a natural disinfectant that is potent and highly effective. Using ozone in multiple ways can help locate and eliminate bacteria residing in hard-to-reach and hard-to-find places. Using ozone to disinfect liquids, gases, or surfaces, we can disinfect these three different types of matter.

Water Treatment With Ozone


In addition to purifying water, ozone generators also clean objects that come into contact with purified water. They work especially well for drinking water. When ozone gas is introduced into water, it eliminates contaminants hiding within it, including bacteria, viruses, parasites, gases, heavy metals, and minerals. The half-life of ozone gas in water is about 30 minutes, which means for those 30 minutes the ozone is still working and helping to remove contaminates from the water, or any contaminants that come into contact with the ozone-charged water. 

Water containing ozone is perfectly safe for consumption, as a result of the ozone breaking down after 30 minutes or so, cleaning nearly all contaminants, and dissolving back into pure oxygen. You can check out benefits of drinking ozonated water here.

Air Treatment With Ozone

Many people today are using ozone machines in their households and workplaces to purify the air. An ozone generator that produces ozone that is designed to purify the air in areas with high levels of human traffic does not emit germ-killing levels of ozone. By simply pressing a button and setting a timer, these generators turn on only when needed. An ozone disinfectant is excellent for disinfecting indoor spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and offices that accumulate bacteria and smells.

Air treatment with ozone, which is a very powerful oxidizing agent, has many uses. In most cases, it only leaves water, CO2 and biodegradable dust/ash as by-products. It easily breaks down virtually any organic/inorganic compound. In a wide range of applications, ozonation can effectively reduce and remove fat, odors, contaminants, and a wide range of other substances. Sanitizing, disinfecting, and eliminating various types of odors with ozone is an effective method for treating air.

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A short ozone treatment can eliminate bad odors because of the disinfecting properties of ozone. There is no comparison between ozone purification and the use of fragrances to conceal odors because ozone is a lot of affective against odors.

Surface Sanitation


Ozone can be used to disinfect even commonly used surfaces. It can be used in conjunction with water for disinfection of any type of surface. Any surfaces that could harbor germs or viruses can be treated with ozone water mixture, including countertops, tables, chairs, door handles, appliances, and glassware.

Today, you can disinfect different areas of your home, car, or workplace, but few products are effective in disinfecting all areas at once. Especially in hard-to-reach and hard-to-see areas, ozone can disinfect all kinds of living and working spaces. Bacteria that hide in these difficult-to-see and hard-to-reach places often produce foul smells and lingering odors, negatively impacting the indoor climate.

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Bottom Line

Utilize ozone disinfection to eliminate germs, fungi, odors, viruses, and bacteria. All states of matter can be effectively disinfected with ozone generators, and they do it easily and worry-free. Transform your quality of life today by using the cleansing power of ozone.

Our ozone generators and accessories come in a variety of capacities which allow you to select the best according to your needs. You can go through different ozone generator options here and get the best ozone machine for you.

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