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Surface Sanitization With Ozone

A surface sanitization solution, Ozone is what you’re looking for! Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent, among its many other properties, therefore, it is an excellent surface sanitization solution, whether it is food safety, pool or water sanitization, or even countertops in our daily lives or in the food processing industry.

Here’s more about how amazing ozone is at disinfecting! Scroll down and read on to find out more!

What is ozone?

Ozone is a powerful oxidising gas and a natural gas. A mixture of ozone and water can produce a broad-spectrum biocide that will kill any bacteria or virus present. More than 3000 times faster than chlorine, the natural oxidising agent is 51% more powerful.

Ozone is an incredibly efficient gas. What makes it so? Ozone’s high biocidal effectiveness comes from oxidizing the organic material in the bacteria’s membrane, causing the cell to deteriorate and break, which leads to the bacteria’s imminent death. Therefore, ozone is the ultimate method against any type of bacteria, biofilm, virus, fungus or pathogen, with no possibility of building up resistance or residue. Ozone is safe and effective when applied correctly.

Have you ever experienced that fresh and pure smell following a thunderstorm? Odors like ozone are responsible for making the air fresh.

The use of onsite-generated oxygen is constantly increasing due to its unique disinfectant properties and environmental friendliness. For over a century, ozone was used in drinking water.

Due to its rapid decomposition into oxygen, ozone cannot be collected, stored, or transported like most other gases. Therefore, ozone is produced on-site. Oxygen is passed through high levels of energy or optical energy to create ozone in an industrial setting. Oxygen atoms become decomposed during this process and diatomic oxygen (O2) reattaches to other oxygen molecules, which results in ozone formation.

Ozone offers many advantages over conventional disinfectants in terms of cleaning and disinfection. Among the best methods for sterilization is ozone.

Natural oxidants such as ozone are powerful oxidizers. In addition to destroying germs, it is capable of destroying viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms. Moreover, because ozone breaks down quickly into oxygen, there are no chemical residues like those left by synthetic or alternative cleaners. The substance must, however, be handled carefully.

The chemical is increasingly used to protect against infection-causing organisms and to sterilize laboratory instruments, including those used in sensitive experiments. It’s effective in sterilizing pipettes, gloves, plates, small equipment, and even personal items such as keys and glasses. Moreover, ozone and water can be directly applied to areas such as floors, walls, counters, conveyor belts, fruit bins, crushers, pipes, etc. to make them hygienic.

How does it work?

In addition to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, ozone has the ability to kill 99.7% of 650 different kinds of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. After ozone application, you need not rinse because ozone leaves no residue on surfaces. Cavities or crevices that are generally difficult to clean can be cleaned. This can reduce the amount of time it takes to clean and how much water it uses.

Due to its ease of use, ozone sanitizers may be preferred to other chemical sanitizers because it does not require storage or special handling. 

Ozone generator as surface disinfectant

In various commercial production processes, ozone is also used as a surface disinfectant because it is a powerful oxidizer that eliminates bacteria upon contact.

Such as, the contamination of food products with deadly pathogens needs to be minimized during food processing. Surface sanitization therefore plays an important role in food processing. In food processing equipment, biofilm build-up is a major cause of cross-contamination.

Microorganisms tend to grow tightly together on surfaces to create biofilms. The new layer of microbes provides nutrients and is protective against sanitizers, and it is a real concern for sanitization because it makes removal of the microbes difficult over time. Food processing equipment that has only been sanitized periodically is prime for developing these resilient biofilms in cracks, conveyors, knives, crevices, slicers, and portioners.

Using ozone for an extended period of time will allow ozone to break down organic material and cell walls, preventing further growth of biofilm.

In restaurants and food production facilities, ozone is extremely useful for controlling grease build-up, for example in exhaust systems. Cleaning is facilitated, fire hazards are reduced, and the odor is eliminated as well.

It has many advantages over traditional disinfectant methods when used for disinfection and cleaning. Among the most powerful yet natural oxidizers, ozone eliminates viruses, bacteria, germs, and pathogens responsible for surface and air contamination.  Ozone is an advantage because it leaves no chemical residue behind, which is an inherent disadvantage of traditional detergents. Using oxygen as a reagent is both environmentally friendly and highly effective since it breaks down into oxygen.

Various types of pathogenic organisms are effectively destroyed by ozone gas. The ozone generator machine can reach hard-to-reach areas for cleaning, such as voids and crates. In addition to its amazing versatility and time-saving and water-saving capabilities, ozone requires no additional rinsing. 

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Keeping food free of pathogens and avoiding cross-contamination require strict rules and requirements in food processing. One of the major concerns of the food processing industry is the formation of biofilms. Cracks, knives, slicers, portioners, etc., are often clogged with biofilms that are difficult to remove. Biofilm can become resistant to traditional treatments as a layer of microorganisms grows on it, resulting in a higher dosage, and still making it labor intensive and challenging to reach every surface. It is beneficial for the environment because ozone breaks down organic matter and damages microorganisms; therefore, future growth is impossible. 

It is sufficient to reduce bacteria by 99.99 % (4 log reduction), however for a higher level of deactivation, higher concentrations and longer exposure times should be applied. Similarly, bacteria spores can be effectively treated with the correct design of a system. As microorganisms migrate within a plant, the melding process is accelerated. The molding process, however, is easily prevented with ozone treatment.


  1. Save wastewater treatment costs & discharge taxes;
  2. No rinsing required;
  3. Save energy and water;
  4. Safe and efficient use;
  5. Cleaning & sanitizing agent;
  6. Eliminates need for UV rays, harmful liquids, damaging heat, or chemicals;
  7. Produced onsite;
  8. Low operating temperature;
  9. No toxic emissions;
  10. Sterilizes surfaces and air spaces in various areas;
  11. Sterilizes any equipment and tool
  12. Leaves no harmful by-products;
  13. No danger of an accidental burn;
  14. Highly cost effective;
  15. No residue to aerate;
  16. Eliminates microscopic organisms;

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