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The Importance Of Ozone Sanitation Of Dispensers

To save on beverage costs and provide guests with cold drinks, restaurants and bars use refrigerated beverage dispensers. The rims of cups and the dispenser tap are easy places for germs to spread. In public places, people are less likely to wash their hands regularly, allowing germs to grow on their surfaces. Other industries, besides food and beverage, use drink dispensers as well, including movie theaters, schools, and hotels. The health of those being served and the long-term usage of these drink dispensers depend on these machines being clean and maintained.


Providing high-quality, refrigerated drinking water in a fast and convenient manner, water dispensers are frequently used in many workplaces. The installation of a water dispenser increases workplace satisfaction and productivity by encouraging staff to stay hydrated.

The containers can last for weeks at a time, and they don’t require much maintenance. However, the sanitation of these dispensers should be done regularly. Maintaining this habit will keep the water dispensers free of mold and bacteria, ensuring people are getting clean, healthy water. Unmaintained water coolers are a breeding ground for bacteria, which is unhealthy for humans. The handles and taps of the water dispenser, as well as external surfaces where dust might settle, are other places where germs can be found.

Ozone generation technology has made it possible for businesses to disinfect drink dispensers with the powerful oxidizing power of ozone. You can use ozonated water to clean your business’s drink dispensers without harming them or leaving behind unwanted chemical residues left by traditional cleaning chemicals. Check out our blog post on ozonated water for more information on the benefits of ozonated water.

Why Ozone for Dispensers?

O3 molecules begin breaking down almost immediately after they are generated in the water supply due to the reactivity of the ozone on a molecular level. Only clean water containing regular oxygen is left behind. Because of ozone’s reactivity, using ozonated water within five minutes after being generated is the most effective way to disinfect.  

Quality drink dispensers have an average lifespan of seven to ten years, but cleaning is necessary if a business wants the most out of its investment. Ozone treated water can be used to keep these machines running continuously clean for customer safety, giving business owners peace of mind.

How to Use Ozonated Water to Sanitize Dispensers?

Listed below are some basic steps for integrating ozone into your business’s cleaning routine for drink dispensers.

At the end of every business day, it is necessary to clean the dispensers, nozzles, drain area, and external surface of the drink dispenser. The front of the machine needs to be turned off before disassembling the pieces.

It is recommended to remove from the machine the nozzles and any diffusers that add the drink’s syrup to the carbonated water each day for basic cleaning. If ozonated water is available on-premises, we recommend a two-step disinfection procedure.

Diffusers and nozzles made from plastic or metal can be immersed in a plastic tub of ozonated active water from the Water Disinfection System (WDS) within two or three minutes. An employee can wipe down the exterior face of the drink dispenser using a spray bottle filled with active ozonated water and a clean cloth. Specifically, they should pay attention to the area around the nozzle where it connects to the machine, and the area around the drain.

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The ozonated water solution should also be used to clean the containers on top of the machine. Prior to reassembling the machine, let all implements air dry for several minutes so that the machine can be used as soon as the next work shift begins.

Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to disconnect and thoroughly sanitize any tubes that supply beverages. Water can be switched to an ozonated pipeline by switching the water source. Using the water discharge of the equipment, fill the entire pipeline and equipment with ozone water and switch the water source back to the beverage dispenser after the sanitation is complete.

Cleaning your machine’s ice tray, ice dispenser, and other parts at least once a week (or more often) is important as well. In order for the ice cubes consumed by customers to be of proper hygiene, an ice machine should be deep cleaned every four to six months. It is easier to handle this issue every half a year with ozonated water, since you only need to use it half a year. If the ice machine needs to be deep cleaned, this reduces the labor, time, and money costs.

Benefits of Ozonated Water


Water dispensers with top-of-the-line cleaning systems even incorporate ozone generation. If the ozone in the water supply is given sufficient time to break down, it poses no danger to people drinking water from the dispenser, and will not even affect the taste.

Business owners will also be able to save money and space that would otherwise be spent on cleaning chemicals by using ozonated water as a potent antibacterial agent in the long run. Using ozone to clean will contribute to the sustainability of your business. It is better option than chlorine.

Bottom Line

Drink dispensers are useful tools businesses can use to promote their public image. Customers should be able to self-serve in front of the house if the machine is located in that location. The image a business presents to its customers is influenced not only by style but also by cleanliness, both internally and externally. Your equipment and customer’s health will never be compromised again due to the technology of ozone generators.

To summarize, if you want to disinfect drink dispensers of your facility, consider checking out these best ozone generator machines.   

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