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Effluent Water Ozone Treatment

Chemical contaminants can be found in industrial effluent wastewater, including BOD, COD, color, phenols, cyanides, sanitary waste, and other complicated chemicals. Due to its strong oxidative properties, ozone can treat complex industrial wastes when combined with other physical, chemical, or biological processes. With the effluent water ozone treatment, organic molecules are broken down into smaller biodegradable components.

Combining ozone with other technologies, such as UV light and peroxide, can effectively destroy organic compounds that are difficult to treat (organic removal). Pharmaceutical, textile, chemical, automotive, automotive parts manufacturing, landfill leachate, petroleum, and textile industries have all benefited from advanced oxidation processes based on ozone.

Effluent water can be successfully treated with ozone pretreatment and bio filtration. By pretreating water with ozone, biofiltration can be enhanced. Ozone generators are used to produce ozone on site. Before the biofilters are activated, the ozone is mixed into the water. In bio filters, precautions are usually taken to minimize the amount of ozone that enters the system since ozone is susceptible to damaging active bacteria.

Biological treatment reduces COD in pre-ozonated effluents by up to 2.5 times. A COD that is hard to digest is turned into a COD that can be treated easily by ozone. Long chain molecules are broken down into smaller molecules when exposed to ozone, which improves treatment. Ozone also eliminates most harmful compounds that hinder biological filtration. As a result, anaerobic bacteria are destroyed, limiting aerobic bacteria’s growth. As soon as residual ozone is released into waste water, it turns back into oxygen and does not harm aerobic bacteria.

Benefits of Ozone generator for effluent water

  1. Removes Detergents
  2. Reduces Pesticide
  3. Reduces usage of Harmful Chemicals
  4. Ozonation of raw effluents improves the bio-oxidation of most effluents
  5. Eco Friendly
  6. Reduces Chemical Oxygen Demand
  7. Reduces Biological Oxygen Demand
  8. Pre ozonated effluents show a greater reduction of COD (upto 2.5 times) after biological treatment
  9. Ozone oxidized hard to digest COD into easy to treat COD
  10. Removes Color
  11. Reduces Oil & Grease
  12. Water is thoroughly disinfected with ozone to remove microorganisms such as bacteria, fungus, and viruses.
  13. Non-biodegradable effluents having high COD and low BOD benefit most from this process
  14. Ozone breaks down long chain’s molecular compounds into smaller compounds thus improving treatment
  15. Destroys most toxic compounds which hinder in bio-oxidation
  16. Destroys anaerobic bacteria
  17. Removal of organic and inorganic matter
  18. Enhancement of the flocculation / coagulation decantation process
  19. Ozone is produced on-site
  20. Oxidation of metals & nonmetals such as iron, arsenic, manganese, hydrogen suphide and organic matter
  21. No refilling, replacement or maintenance needed

Disinfection of effluent water

The process of disinfection is a critical step in the process of reusing reclaimed wastewater and ensuring public safety and the health of the environment.

Inactivation/destruction of pathogenic organisms via disinfection is considered to be the most effective method for preventing the spread of waterborne diseases to downstream users and the environment. In order for a disinfectant to be effective, wastewater must be properly treated before application.

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Disinfection involves destroying, deactivating or removing microorganisms likely to cause people to become infected. Using ozone generator to disinfect water is a way of reducing the number of viable, infectious microbial organisms.

The key to ozone’s effectiveness as a commercially available disinfectant is its high oxidation potential that prevents bacteria from multiplying and inactivating viruses and bacteria.

Industries where Ozone generator can be used:

  • Dairies and food products
  • CEPT
  • Bottling
  • Textile
  • Paper
  • Pesticide
  • Bulk drug
  • Plating


Humic acids, tannins, lignin, and other functional groups are found in effluent. The high coloring matter reduces the effectiveness of conventional treatments. Organic load in effluent is reduced by ozone efficiently.


Color cannot be effectively removed with biological treatment. Because of the huge volume of water, water reusability is crucial. Nitrogen-nitrogen double bonds are destroyed by ozone when it attacks coloring matter. For 95% color removal, about 1 mg of ozone per mg of dye is needed, although the ratio varies with dye type. If 100% colour removal is desired, about 1.5 mg of ozone per mg of dye is needed.


Even at a low level of 25 parts per billion, cyanides can be toxic. It is impossible to replace cyanides for their wide range of applications in industries. CO2 and NO3 are formed rapidly by the reaction between ozone and cyanides.


There can be free forms of heavy metals as well as compounds containing heavy metals. Oxidation of these metals by ozone produces metallic oxides or hydroxides. Once precipitated, these can be easily removed.


Various processes such as coking plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, mines, and paint stripping shops produce phenols. When ozone is exposed to phenol under an acidic pH, it rapidly forms oxalic acid and oxygen.


Organic chemicals found in gases can include olefins, fatty acids, ketones, nitrites, esters, amines, and sulfur-containing compounds. An injection nozzle is used to mix ozone with the polluted air. Gaseous pollutants can be effectively oxidized within a few seconds.

Bottom line

In effluent water treatment including sewage treatment and industrial wastewater treatment, ozone water treatment is perfect solution. Ozone treatment kills bacteria, viruses, and other water-borne pathogens more effectively than traditional methods, like chlorine or UV. The best application of our ozone generators is for the treatment of sewage water across industries that must be converted into water suitable for gardening, toilet flushing, and other water use applications. As a result of the process, the water becomes colorless and the COD and BOD requirements are increased. Generators are manufactured in accordance with health standards and come with innovative technology.

You can rely on Ozongenerator to provide you with the perfect ozone treatment system. Our ozone generators and accessories are available in several capacities so that you can choose the best version for your requirements. As our products are exported across the globe, we are highly experienced in the application of effluent water ozone treatment technologies.

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