Ozone For Cleaning Professionals
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Ozone For Cleaning Professionals: Here Is What To Know

The problem of eradicating the bad smell completely is among the hardest for cleaning professionals. Since it takes time for the stench to penetrate carpets, wallpaper, upholstery, curtains, furniture, etc., even after the source of the unpleasant odor has been eliminated. If you are a cleaning professional, this post is must read for you as it covers everything you should know about using ozone for cleaning professionals.


After cleaning an environment, bad smells can remain active even after the cleaning is complete. But there is an easy, fast and safe way to eliminate them. It’s called an ozone generator. Cleaning with ozone complements the process perfectly, but people and pets should not be exposed to it.

What is Ozone and How Does it Work?

The oxygen in the air we breathe is mainly produced by photosynthesis in plants. However, it requires an electrical charge in order to get ozone from regular oxygen. Through a natural reaction called an oxidative burst, ozone punctures a bacteria cell and causes it to die. The burst damages the cell wall and prevents the bacteria from being able to remain intact.


A sanitized area is achieved in less time with ozone than with other cleaning agents, such as chlorine or bleach. It is known to be the best cleaning agent in the world, and many facilities which eliminate bacteria to remain operational choose to use ozone for their cleaning tasks.

As ozone is a naturally occurring element, it is also a safe way to clean. Ozone is not harmful to the environment as it turns back into air upon disposal, unlike unnatural chemicals. During a thunderstorm, for instance, ozone can be created naturally, but the gas doesn’t persist. So, when ozone is needed for cleaning, it needs to be generated by the right equipment. In order to maintain the process as effectively as possible, a professional ozone generator machine must be used.

Additionally, you do not have to scrub, and you do not have to worry about missing a spot like with simple soap and water cleaning. The ozone cleans itself, so you don’t have to do much. 

When you fill an area with ozone, it simply spreads all over and cleans it. It is much simpler to use this method for people with disabilities, seniors, or physical limitations than having to scrub regularly.

Why Do Cleaning Professionals Need To Use Ozone Generator?


Cleaning properties with ozone may seem strange to someone who uses soap and water on a regular basis. In spite of this, science and research indicate that ozone is the most effective method of clearing your home, office, or work space of bacteria. Due to its high level of success in eliminating bacteria, this method is commonly used in locations that need to be kept totally sanitary, like hospitals and other medical facilities.

Ozone (O3) generators are a great example of how ozone can provide your home or office with an enormous amount of cleaning power every day. Ozone can sanitize everything your cleaning company touches, including you and your family and kill bacteria such as Coronavirus, (flu, common cold,) MRSA, and herpes.

Cleaning products does not work the same way as it does. As ozone particles break down bacteria and viruses, you will not have to repeat the treatment unless you have another person with a virus in your home.

Your ozone machine will be ready to provide you with relief as soon as it is delivered.

Some notable areas where ozone can be used include:

  •         Mold
  •         Bacteria
  •         Mildew
  •         Dust and dirt
  •         Smoke
  •         Food Odors

All of these allergens can be neutralized by ozone and prevented from growing with it. 

After the cycle is complete, there is no need to dry because it does not use water and soap to clean. In the end, the air after the treatment could smell like the smell of air that you may encounter sometimes after a thunderstorm, which will gradually and naturally fade and disappear soon.

Some important tips for cleaning professionals include:

  • Having ozone generators on hand can save cleaning professionals a lot of time and money.
  • The odor source must be eliminated before the ozone generator can be effective.
  • By oxidizing odor-causing particles, ozone machines leave behind pure oxygen. This process is usually the only method of eliminating the stench completely in just one visit.
  • Areas where an ozone machine is running must be sealed securely.
  • As well as eliminating odors to do with paint, garbage, and mold, ozone generators are effective at eliminating odors associated with tobacco and smoke.
  • Ozone machines are effective in removing dust particles from the air or end with smoke.
  • Ozone machines also do not mask odors, they eliminate them.
  • This technology can be used in schools, offices, hospitals, boats, cars and public transport.
  • The machine must have a programmable timer that automatically shuts down the machine at a specified time for greater safety.
  • To make the ozone machine more effective, it should run for 20-30 minutes, though the time can be adjusted according to the intensity of the odors or the size of the area to be deodorized.

Bottom Line

The eradication of malodors is one of the biggest challenges faced by cleaning professionals. Even after the source of the odor has been removed, many odors persist. This is due to the fact that the odor has penetrated carpets, wall coverings, furniture, etc.

With an ozone generator, you can effectively and safely eliminate persistent malodors within minutes. People, plants, and pets may be at risk from ozone.  

While ozone generators must be used carefully, they are among the most effective methods of deodorizing and disinfecting any environment. You can count on us to provide you with the right option for your company’s needs at Ozongenerators.

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