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Ozone Cleaning: Does It Really Work?

Maybe you have heard of ozone before, and how we should preserve it so it doesn’t disappear from the uppermost layers of our atmosphere. Ozone is one of nature’s most versatile and effective disinfectants, in addition to helping to block the sun’s UV rays. Using ozone cleaning in the daily lives of people is becoming easier and easier as technology advances.

ozone cleaning

A wide range of cleaning applications and potential can be achieved with ozone, such as disinfecting air, surfaces, water, and everything else in between. The best part is ozone can easily be controlled to be completely safe, yet it is 99.99% effective at killing bacteria, viruses, molds, fungus and parasites. Using ozone’s powerful disinfecting potential is easy! Here are a few ways to start using it right now!

Ozone for Air Treatment

A few basics to get you started. Fire and flood restoration specialists have relied on large commercial ozone generators for many years. They are also very effective at eliminating unwanted and unpleasant odors along with killing all the usual suspects: bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold, parasites.

Ozone generators are very good at their jobs, but they do produce high concentrations of ozone. Exposure to these high concentrations of ozone may be uncomfortable for people if they are in a confined space. There are now ozone generating devices that produce a fraction of the ozone as their commercial counterparts, yet perform similar cleaning tasks.

The ozone generators now can produces a high level of ozone, which is completely safe for use in any room in your home or office. They are extremely effective at eliminating bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, parasites, and odors over time without making the users feel uncomfortable.

Our ozone generators for air purification are also designed in a sleek manner, which makes them discreet. Moreover, they include a timer that enables them to turn off automatically when they are no longer needed. By using an ozone generator, you can make any room or office healthier by cleaning the air. Simply set it up, start it, and relax.

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The practice of carrying around sanitizer bottles and disinfectant wipes has become commonplace in recent years. The alcohol in these products tends to damage hands and skin to the point of cracking and bleeding after using these types of sanitizers, especially in the drier months and climates. You no longer need to use alcohol based sanitizers on your skin and other surfaces, as there is a safer alternative that is just as effective without causing as much damage to your skin.

The ozone sterilizers creates an Ozone mist from ordinary drinking water through electrolysis. You can easily and effectively clean any surface with an Ozone Sterilizer, whether you’re inside, outside, or on the go. You can put small ozone machine right into your bag because it is small, compact, and convenient. There’s nothing better than purified air in your home!

Ozone for Kitchen

ozone cleaning

Most households experience food waste in the refrigerator on a recurring basis. There are vegetables in the crisper that have been neglected, left-overs that are too good to throw away, or some other food that has spoiled prematurely. Often, food wastes lead to irritating odors, but all of that can be avoided. The power of ozone give you opportunity to get rid of these odors using an ozone generator. Even fridge odors  can easily be disinfected with this small, corner-fitting unit. Ozone sterilizers break down food spoiling bacteria and molds, so they don’t have a chance to ruin the food you love. Like other products, it works with just a push of a button, so you won’t have to fuss with it when you don’t need it.

Microorganisms migrate inside food plants and speed up molding, but ozone treatment can easily postpone the processing of food for several days without damaging the product. Additionally, ozone has been used to sanitize dairy equipment, which is less harmful than chemical disinfectants and works well.

Ozone Generators for Laundry


It is not always easy to do the laundry. Furthermore, you may not be getting your clothes totally clean, and they may still contain hidden germs. No more dirty clothes, partially clean clothes, or clothes that are partially soiled. With an ozone generator system, you can inject ozone into the water going into the washer, efficiently killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites hiding on your clothes that aren’t killed by detergent and bleach.

Ozone does not include any heavy chemicals, so your clothes smell fresh and natural. With an Ozone System, you can get amazingly clean clothes without using as much detergent and bleach. You’ll save money and still have cleaner clothes when you use less laundry detergent. The ozone laundry system uses the least amount of detergent.

In industries including pharmaceutical production, dairy, brewing, greenhouses, wastewater treatment plants, bottling plants, and textile production, Ozongenerator water treatment solutions have been installed around the world. As well as providing water treatment solutions for commercial swimming pools, aquariums, and water parks, we also provide water treatment services for homes. Many different industries can benefit from our water treatment applications, which aim to eliminate contamination from process water.

Final Words

The best time to try ozone’s ability to clean and disinfect is now. There’s been no easier way to maintain a healthier, and cleaner environment for you and your family than by using minimal chemicals to clean every room. Experience the benefits now by using ozone machine. If you switch from using traditional cleaning methods to using ozone, you will be delighted by the results.

 For any questions about ozone equipment your facility may require, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

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