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How to Remove Apartment Odor With An Ozone Generator

Different odors arise from different living situations in any house. Several odors are present in a home and apartment, such as body odors, smoke, cooking odors, and pet odors. Apartment odors are difficult to eradicate since they often return almost as soon as they are removed, however, you can effectively remove apartment odor with ozone generator.


The smell of baking pies or cakes, of candles burning, of pot roast roasting, are all pleasant aromas in an apartment. There are, however, times when we get odors in our homes that are offensive to our sense of smell, and no matter how hard we try, they won’t go away.

Odors in the apartment that can be hard to eliminate include:

  • Rotting trash
  • Mold & mildew
  • Pet smells
  • Smoke

Odors permeate the entire house, no matter where they originate. This is why it’s important to use ozone generator to eliminate the odor at its cause, leaving you with a clean, fresh smelling home.

What is Ozone?

Oxygen atoms are the only component of ozone, so it is an unstable gas that reacts rapidly and disappears quickly. By oxidizing anything, ozone can disinfect, alter, or remove any pathogen or contamination. When it comes to oxidizing power, it is second only to elemental fluorine among the disinfection molecules used in water treatment. Oxygen is the fundamental component of ozone.

Oxygen molecules (O2) are split into two oxygen atoms (O1) when exposed to high electric voltage (or UV-light in the stratosphere). In this process, oxygen atoms (O1) are formed, which are connected with oxygen molecules (O2) and ozone (O3). Following this reaction, ozone separates from its ozone molecule (O3), and the atom of oxygen (O1) becomes a molecule of oxygen again.

Ozone Treatment


The oxidizing properties of ozone make it effective in attacking foul odors at their cellular level. When you install an ozone air sterilizer in your house, the ozone breaks apart the molecules of the source of the odor, preventing it from spreading. Spray or air fresheners are ineffective for eliminating odors since they simply ‘perfume’ the air, not getting rid of their source.

Some smells are so strong that traditional air fresheners cannot effectively eliminate them. It is possible to get an ozone treatment done on your home and property if you have fire damage, mold, or even bad odors.

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There are many similarities between oxygen and ozone, with the exception that each molecule is composed of three oxygen atoms, instead of the two that make up air. Ozone atoms are generated by an ozone generator in a professional ozone treatment, and the atoms subsequently bind with and neutralize odor molecules. As the bacteria and molecules that cause the smells are broken down, they become components that do not smell.

An ozone generator treatment can greatly reduce smoke damage and smells caused by a house fire. There are many odors that are hard to eliminate, especially those that are difficult to get rid of with common air fresheners. Ozone treatments are great for any type of odor.

Ozone for Apartment Odor


Using chemical-based cleaning agents and perfumed air fresheners is ineffective at completely getting rid of apartment odors, as these usually produce a strong overpowering scent that only masks apartment odors for a limited amount of time and does not completely eliminate the apartment odors source.

There are so many possible sources of unpleasant smells in homes and in rented apartments that the solution needs to be able to eliminate even the toughest odors that have been embedded in the furniture, carpets, and curtains. The ozone generator machines can eliminate odors from apartments and work to prevent them from reappearing.

With ozone generating technology, a green, chemical-free, and healthy device is used that is capable of eliminating all apartment odors quickly and easily. Using ordinary cleaning supplies fails to eliminate and purify the apartment odors completely, even if people hire cleaners or housekeepers who come on a regular basis to perform all the normal daily chores and keep the apartment clean and tidy.

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By naturally destroying any apartment odor molecules that are creating unpleasant conditions for guests and residents, ozone molecules do more than just deodorize spaces; they also improve air quality by cleaning the air and removing harmful chemicals.

In a room packed with ozone molecules, the molecules penetrate difficult material and find the molecules of apartment odor, which they bind to and eliminate all of their characteristics, including their smell, before neutralizing the negative ions and dispersing naturally back into the air. In this way, after the treatment process the ozone is turned back into oxygen without leaving any chemical reactions behind.

Bottom Line

Odors associated with apartment living tend to manifest in rented spaces and are frequently masked by chemicals-based cleaning products and air fresheners. The technology that purifies and deodorizes the air with ozone allows the new tenant to move into a healthy and comfortable apartment environment, free of the stench that can often be left behind by smoking, pets, and general living.

A smoker or pet owner might have moved into your apartment, and there’s no way you can get rid of the smell. In most cases, sprays mask rather than eliminate the smell. An ozone air purifier can get rid of any odor you have at its source, no matter what it is. Contact us today if you want to eliminate apartment odor for the good!

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