Odors Treated With Ozone
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List of Common Odors that Can be Treated with Ozone Generators

Ozone is used to kill bacteria, microorganisms, and fungi etc. through its sterilizing power. Due to these characteristics, ozone provides a stronger, more eco-friendly and more environmentally friendly solution compared to hazardous chemicals. Any type of bacteria can incubate in environments with little or no ventilation, warm temperatures, and high humidity. Ozone is effective in getting rid of mold and mildew. Furthermore, ozone can also be used to reduce odors as well as remove impurities from the air. The blog post covers typical odors treated with ozone generator. Continue reading to explore the detailed list of such odors.


Ozone is an excellent air purifier when introduced at low levels into the atmosphere. The molecular structure of ozone is usually changed from oxygen to carbon dioxide and hydrogen when it interacts with a pollutant. The source of the odor is eliminated by destroying viruses and bacteria.

What is Ozone?

Oxygen atoms in ozone are extremely active. The formation of the compound occurs when oxygen is exposed to high energy, leading to the breakdown of some oxygen molecules (O2) into oxygen atoms (O). Ozone (O3) is then formed by the reactions between oxygen molecules (O2) and oxygen atoms (O). There is reversibility in this reaction, which means ozone can return to oxygen. Because Ozone (O3) can oxidize a wide range of materials because it has a volatile nature and can turn back into pure oxygen (O2), it is often called “Activated Oxygen”. Oxidizing pollutants and oxidizing odors are some of the ways extra oxygen destroys bacteria, viruses, and molds.  

How Ozone Removes Odor?


Odors are eliminated by ozone by chemically modifying the molecules that are responsible for the odor. Ozone is able to destroy any microbes or molecules in its surrounding environment by reacting with them.

By attaching itself to microbes and neutralizing them, the molecule eliminates them. In comparison to other cleaning techniques, ozone is more effective at eliminating odors.

In addition, this powerful odor and microorganism eliminator works quickly, effectively, and leaves no residue behind. Ozone eliminates odors and improves hygiene by significantly reducing their spread.

In order to get the best results, ozone needs to be handled appropriately, following safety standards and at the right level.  

The walls, ceilings, carpet fibers,  mold, mildew, tobacco smoke, garbage rooms, food smells, gaps between floorboards, or  cracks in walls may be responsible for bad odor. These areas can be penetrated by ozone to eliminate the bad smells located there.

The power of ozone is tremendous, and, since the pollutant is oxidized by ozone, it loses its toxic, allergenic, or odor-causing properties. Microorganisms such as fungal spores and bacteria, which cannot reproduce after being exposed to ozone, have a rapid decline in number. When used as a disinfection solution, ozone is 3,000 times more effective than the use of chlorine. About 99.99% of bacteria are destroyed by ozone, which destroys their cell walls. By converting ozone to oxygen, this process eliminates the contamination. Considering all these benefits, ozone can be the most effective method for deodorizing, disinfecting, and sterilizing indoor air (however, it should be handled according to safety standards).

A fresh and pleasant smell will be left in the air after an ozone treatment.

The best way to purify the air is with an ozone generator. The odor control unit system emits ozone into the room or house in appropriate amount.

List of Odors Removed by Ozone

• Kitchens

• Locker rooms

• Nursing Homes

• Bars

• Apartments

• Public toilets

• Real Estate

• Tour Buses

• Bathrooms

• Locker Rooms

• Rental Cars

• Pool Halls

• Cruise Ships

• Musty Odors

• Smoking Rooms

• Dormitories

• Restaurants

• Basements

• Mold

• Condominiums

• Water Damage

• Casinos

• Pubs

• RVs

• Bingo Parlors

• Cigarette Odors

• Sweat or body odor

• Smoke Damage

• Offices

• Autos

• Rental Properties

• Animal Odor

• Schools

• Classrooms

• Hotels

• Motels

• Mildew

• Garbage rooms

• Food smells

• Pets

• Houses

• Hospitals

• Fire Damage

• Yachts

• Coffee Shops

• Tobacco Odors

• Wildfire Odors

• Pet Odors

• Smoking Bars

• Boats

And much more.

Advantages of Ozone Generator

  • Aqueous solutions and gaseous mixtures are treated with ozone, the strongest oxidant and disinfectant available.
  • Its oxidizing or disinfecting properties can be fully utilized even though ozone is only partially soluble in water.
  • Oxygen-containing organic by-products result from the reaction of ozone with a wide variety of organic compounds.
  • A variety of materials smelling foul have been deodorized by ozone when it is in its gaseous phase.
  • Ozone is a proven means of converting bio refractory organic materials to biodegradable ones in potable water, wastewater, and landfill leachate. It is possible to produce water or wastewater that contains lower concentrations of problematic organic compounds at a lower cost when ozone oxidation is combined with subsequent biological treatment.
  • A liquid or gaseous medium can be treated with ozone without adding any other chemicals.

Bottom Line

Among the many odors that you encounter every day are food, pets, toilet, cigarettes, mold, mildew, and many others. The walls themselves, curtain fabrics, cushions, and sofas all absorb and hold these odors. Most indoor air pollutants are released from inside the building (e.g., during cleaning, cooking, heating, furniture and building materials). Some indoor air pollutants originate from outside (like auto emissions), but most are released when the building is in use. Increased air pollution indoors is further exacerbated by humidity and inadequate ventilation.

Generally, internal air contains a wide variety of pollutants, making it difficult to assess the health risks associated with it. You can improve the quality of the air at your home by using an Ozone generator on a daily basis. You can count on us to provide you with the right option for your needs at Ozongenerators.

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