Ozone For Pool Chemicals
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Here Is How You Can Use Ozone For Pool Chemicals Removal

This previous articles has already shown you that ozone is a chemical-free and ideal solution for pool sanitation and water treatment. You might develop an ocular or respiratory infection due to pool chemicals. Find out how to take better care of your family’s health by using ozone for pool chemicals removal.


The Use of Chlorine in Swimming Pools

For both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, chlorine has become a very popular treatment method. As a result, chlorine levels are much higher than recommended for most pools due to the lack of control over quantities and frequency of applications. People forget that chlorine is a toxic chemical when they look for a faster or more efficient treatment, so they overuse the amount and frequency of chlorine applied, causing harm that often does not show itself immediately.  

Symptoms of sensitivity are usually obvious, such as red or itchy eyes, tearing, burning, or even skin that looks red. According to a CDC (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention) report, indoor swimming pools in Nebraska are associated with ocular and respiratory diseases in 2006.

A report of a child hospitalized in the intensive care unit since December 26, 2006 because of chemical epiglottitis and tracheobronchitis following a swim in a motel pool was received by the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (NDHHS). Due to multiple violations of the state health code, the pool was closed by NDHHS the same day. In an effort to identify the cause of the illness and identify other cases, the NDHHS initiated an outbreak investigation. The investigation is presented in this report, and it indicated that 24 people became ill, and that exposure to chloramines that had accumulated in the air above the swimming pool which was the cause of the outbreak. Pool owners must be properly trained to ensure water quality and avoid potential health risks of chemical exposure in improperly maintained pools.

Ozone As Chlorine Alternative

ozone vs chlorine

Ozone is the most popular alternative. Hotel and resort swimming pools today are typically treated with ozone.

In most swimming pools in the world, ozone is used to treat the water, reducing the use of chlorine. As urea from urine and perspiration reacts with chlorine in pool water, ammonia and halomethanes are produced. Both of these compounds have high carcinogenic properties. Halomethanes and ammonia in water cause irritation in the eyes and nose as well as causing problems with the skin and hair.

This will reduce the formation of ammonia, which is a major eye irritant in pool water, and these halomethanes will be reduced by adding ozone to the pool water. Having the water treated with ozone makes swimming in it more enjoyable. In addition to killing waterborne pathogens, ozone also controls the growth of algae and other bacteria. Also, the ozone in the water acts as a micro flocculant, improving the filtration rate of the flocculating agent. Water becomes crystal clear by reducing turbidity. When using ozonated water, you do not feel any irritation or chlorine syndrome.

Advantages of Ozone

Ozone has the advantage of being unstable and converting back to oxygen, so it leaves no residue in water that is toxic. If the water is disinfected and then returned to the pool after a period of six to eight hours or less, then it needs to be re-disinfected. Because of the lack of residual ozone in water, bacteria will survive and multiply, whether introduced by bathers or by the atmosphere. To maintain a bacteriostatic level in the pool water, chlorine must be used in conjunction with ozone to prevent bacteria from reproducing or surviving. As such, chlorine continues to be used in the treatment of swimming pool water together with ozone.

Generally, a residual chlorine level of 0.5 ppm at the pool water inlet and 0.2 ppm at the pool water outlet must be maintained, regardless of the additional disinfectant added to the pool water. With the addition of ozone, each of these levels is maintained at 0.5 ppm and 0.2 ppm with less chlorine. By combining ozonation with chlorination, this system dramatically improves the quality of the water for the enjoyment of the user.

Ozone for Water Parks


It is more and more common to treat water with ozone due to the benefits that it brings to both human health and to reducing chemical consumption and maintenance costs.

It is a powerful disinfectant that helps eliminate bacteria, viruses, and germs found in water and helps ensure that it is of high quality.

The use of ozone for water park treatment provides many advantages over chemical treatments such as chlorine because it is completely natural, anti-bacterial, and non-toxic, thus significantly improving the quality of water and making water parks more enjoyable for anyone at any age.

The oxidation potential of ozone is much higher than that of chlorine, making it more effective. Cryptosporidium and giardia are the two more resistant microbes to chlorine, and so it eliminates all of these. It can also eliminate algae, fungi, odors, parasites, as well as cryptosporidium and giardia.

Water parks are increasingly using ozone as a treatment option. You can now relax in safe surroundings while enjoying water’s natural comforts. Learn more about use of ozone for water parks here.

Ozonated water has other health benefits, which include:

  • Reduce constant purchasing of harmful chemicals
  • Eliminate red, irritated eyes and dry, itchy skin
  • Eliminate costly replacement of faded swimwear
  • Remove unpleasant chlorine / chloramine odors
  • No adverse health or environmental effects
  • Enhancement of filtering and coagulation capabilities. Therefore, fewer coagulants are used and filter backwashing is reduced
  • By improving water quality, water consumption can be reduced
  • Approximately 60% – 90% less traditional chemical use

Final Words

Swimming pools can only be oxidized efficiently by ozone. Chlorine and other chemical disinfectants must be replaced with ozone. Cleaner, odorless, and healthier pools created by ozone cause no skin or eye irritation. Our company, Ozongenerators, professionally designs and manufactures ozone generators for swimming pools, which are safe and environmentally friendly.

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