Ozone For Urine And Feces Odor

The Use Of Ozone For Urine And Feces Odor Removal

Understanding the chemistry of urine and feces and why they have such an offensive smell is the first step to understanding how to eliminate urine smell and odor. In spite of the fact that they are both primarily liquid, the difference in the rest of the content is what produces the distinctive odor associated with them. The majority of urea in urine comes from organic solids dissolved in it. Ammonia is removed from our bodies by metabolizing this odorless, colorless solid. Ammonia is produced when proteins are metabolized.


In addition to bacterial biomass, undigested matter, nitrogen-containing compounds, and proteins, feces also contain waste products. The odor of human waste is caused by a variety of chemicals. There are three different categories for identification, which makes them a bit easier to understand. Compounds containing nitrogen, compounds containing sulfur, and compounds containing fatty acids make up the three groups. Feces will contain more fatty acids than any of the other two.

In order to detect and eliminate the odors that your feces and urine create, you need to comprehend the science behind how these chemicals are produced.

This post will cover how ozone generator can help you with urine and feces odor removal. Continue reading to learn more about this innovative technology and its amazing benefits.

What is Ozone?


Ozone consists of atoms and molecules of oxygen that are highly reactive. They act as a neutralizer for microbial pathogens and chemically offensive substances in our environment.  As a natural purifier, ozone is useful for a wide range of applications, including its use for eliminating urine and feces odor.

Most often, our customers want to know more specifically how ozone machines get rid of unwanted odors from houses, cars, clothes, etc. Basically, the molecule that is responsible for the odor is destroyed by ozone.  A chemically stable oxygen molecule (O2) is combined with a singular and highly unstable oxygen atom to produce ozone (O3). O3 molecules react very quickly with other particles due to their atomic charge.  Odor producing substances can be neutralized by ozone when it comes in contact with them, changing their chemical structure.

Bacteria and spores have the same reaction and neutralization process as chemical or synthetic-based odor producers.  As a result, certain toxic cells will break down when the ozone sticks to the outer walls.  When the outer shell deteriorates, the cells themselves fall apart and die.

How Ozone Generator Removes Urine and Feces Odor?

Ozone For Urine And Feces Odor

Pets and small children can be major causes of urine and feces odors in the home and car for people around the world. It is sometimes not enough to clean up only the immediate mess to eliminate the odor left behind by urine and feces.

In terms of dealing with this kind of odor problem, one of the best methods is to use electronic devices that use ozone as a deodorizer. Using nature’s own air purifier, ozone can remove many different odors, including urine and feces odors, so that the air around us is cleaner and healthier.

The ozone particles live for a very short period of time before splitting into two separate parts (oxygen atoms) in the air and dissipating. Separated atoms from the molecule attach themselves to other free floating gaseous elements in the surrounding area and neutralize them, removing their individual properties. 

When ozone is released into an odor-producing area, the ozone attaches to offending molecules, eliminating their foul odor and providing a natural way to control urine and feces odors. Through the application of great amounts of power onto the air, this eco-friendly equipment produces ozone molecules for purifying and deodorizing the atmosphere. More ozone molecules being released into the atmosphere means that the air will be better purified and deodorized.

When these urine and feces odors are oxidized, you not only eliminate the unpleasant smell, you also provide a cleaner air and create an environment that is healthier and more natural. By simply breathing in a cleaner, more pure air, bacteria and toxins that are released in the air will be destroyed along with the odors of urine and feces, and this technology is proven to purify the air and improve the conditions of people with a wide range of different health conditions. If urine or feces odors crop up again in the future, the air will have to be deodorized once again with the ozone equipment. Although the results are final after the ozone equipment eliminates the urine or feces odor, it is important to note that the air will have to be deodorized once again if it is contaminated.

The ozone generator machine is not only helpful for eliminating odors caused by urine and feces. The device can be used for all types of odors, including smoke, mold, food, garbage, and pets. Find out more about different types of odors you can eliminate using an ozone generator here.   

Final Words

You should wipe or soak up as much as possible after an accident. These accidents always leave behind stains containing large amounts of protein and bacteria, regardless of how much you remove initially. You will experience the lingering odor and foul smell if you fail to remove the leftover bacteria on the surface. Bacteria are responsible for foul smells. The odor and bacteria left behind can only be removed with a solution that is strong and effective. In this situation, the best solution available today is the ozone technology. Therefore, in order to eliminate urine and feces odors effectively, consider using an ozone generator machine for better results.

All things considered, You can explore different models of ozone generators available here and get the right one according to your requirements. You can also get in touch with us at our contact us page, or call us at +86 0551 65385190 if you’d like to discuss how an ozone treatment for urine and feces odor in your home or office might benefit you.

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  1. I have a 19yo cat that stopped using the litter box once I adopted 2 abandoned kitties. She has peed all over the carpet in my apt. I have shampooed with enzymatic cleaners but the odor returns in a week. No matter what I do I can’t eliminate it. I understand the science behind the ozone generator. If I shut off the bedroom and run the generator will it destroy the odor in the carpet and pad permanently? I need to treat the a) bedroom b) small hallway c) living room

    1. Hi, thanks for reaching us. I have forwarded your message to our sales and you will get reply soon.


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