Ozone For Stale Odor

The Use Of Ozone For Stale Odor Removal

An unpleasant smell in your house is caused by a variety of factors. The smell of mold growth or decomposition can indicate a possible danger, which requires professional cleaning. Other odors, on the other hand, are not as dangerous. The stale odor is the worst. They smell awful as well as these are bad for your health.

Ozone For Stale Odor

A home that’s been closed for some time, or even milder causes such as stale air, can cause a musty smell in the house. More serious causes, such as mold in the walls, may also cause a musty smell. The most common cause of stale odor in homes is mold or mildew in the walls. An ozone generator machine is able to remove the odor if cleaning methods do not remove it. You can get the best solutions to permanently eliminate odors by using the ozone generator machine.

How Ozone Destroy Odor?


A reaction occurs between ozone molecules and odor molecules when the ozone molecule transfers its extra oxygen atom to the odor molecule. This results in the odor molecule having a different chemical makeup. This process is known as oxidation. The oxidation process resulted in a molecule that was previously odor-causing becoming an entirely different substance, and such a substance no longer has an odor. For example, a molecule of H2O can be restructured by adding an oxygen atom to form H2O2 (the formation of hydrogen peroxide).

During ozone generation, it is imperative to evacuate the area. Pets and houseplants must be removed if there is a high level ozone treatment over longer period. Also, it is a good idea to place signs that read “Do Not Enter- Ozone Area” (or something similar) at every entrance of a space. Depending on the amount of time passed since the treatment ended, the ozone is converted back to oxygen (O2), or fresh air should be pumped into the area before returning people and animals. Approximately thirty minutes is the half-life of ozone.

After the generator shuts off for half an hour, an ozone level of 10ppm (10 parts per million) would be 5ppm, and after half an hour, it would be 2.5ppm, and so on. During this rapid degradation process, the third oxygen atom is held to the molecule by a weak bond.

How Does Ozone Odor Removal Work?

As an oxidant, ozone causes organic materials to break down into their base compounds. As well as being able to sanitize and disinfect, oxidants can also break down organic substances in the environment. Chlorine and fluorine are examples of oxidants.

Ozone Odor Removal, for example, can be employed to transform airborne pollutants such as ammonia, mercaptans, sulfides, and other organic chemicals into non-odorous byproducts. To oxidize organics and pollutants in water. As a powerful oxidizer, vinegar is an excellent disinfectant, killing germs, viruses, bacteria, molds, and yeasts. However, when compared to ozone generator, the ozonation kills bacteria extremely quickly. Base compounds are formed after the oxidation process. Within different fields today, ozone production and application is a predictable and well-understood process.

Commercial Use of Ozone Generator

ozone water

For over a century, Ozone has been used for the reduction of odors and purification of water. Furthermore, it works very well as an antibacterial, germicidal, and fungicidal agent. The substance is classified as an “oxidant” or a substance that breaks down organic material into its basic components. Fire, chlorine, and fluorine are examples of oxidants.

Throughout Europe, Ozone has been widely used for water treatment, wastewater treatment, air purification, and now is being used for medical treatment as well. The first commercial application of ozone is believed to have been in a slaughterhouse in France in the late 1800s. Air and water are equally susceptible to ozone’s detoxifying properties. From Greek word “ozein”, the word “ozone” was formed. A blue gas with a distinctive smell, ozone is a water-soluble gas. There are no toxic by-products or residues left behind by Ozone use, and it is not carcinogenic.

The environment naturally produces ozone. During photosynthesis, oxygen is released from plants and sea plankton. Ultraviolet radiation converts oxygen into ozone in the atmosphere as it floats upward. It thus protects the body from skin cancer-causing UV rays.

Final Words

There are many sources of airborne odors and contaminants that are not only irritating, but can also be harmful to your health. A place where odor-producing bacteria can incubate is usually one that lacks sufficient ventilation, where the temperature is warm, and where there is considerable humidity. 

Sometimes, these odors are so strong that adding ventilation, UV light, or an air purifier simply isn’t enough to eliminate them. Additionally, these odors can negatively impact the safety and performance of workers in commercial and industrial settings. The most efficient method for removing the stale odors from organizations is using the ozone generator technology.

Other technologies, such as UV-lamps and chemicals dispersed as an aerosol, have many drawbacks, including lengthy exposure times, difficulties reaching isolated spaces, toxicity of chemicals, or ineffectiveness against certain pathogens. On the other hand, the ozone generator does not suffer from any of these limitations.

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In addition to improving the air quality in industrial or factory settings, odor control, virus, bacterial, and cyst control, disaster recovery, and mold remediation or prevention, ozone generators have many other uses to improve the indoor environment. The air can be effectively and efficiently disinfected with ozone.

Considering all the benefits of using an ozone generator, you must get one for your home or your commercial facility to get rid of stale odors! For the best ozone generator options, contact us to see what Ozone can do for you! A great experience is guaranteed with our excellent online reviews and reputation.

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