Ozongenerator For Nursing

Ozone Generators For Nursing Homes

The elderly are the fastest-growing demographic in the United States. As a result, nursing homes are in high demand. More than one million elderly Americans live in nursing homes and long-term care facilities in the US. The number of patients in hospitals is almost three times higher. To keep their residents healthy and safe, these medical facilities need to provide a clean and sanitized environment for their residents. As a result of COVID-19, thousands of deaths have been reported in nursing homes across the United States. In July and August 2020, COVID-19 caused the deaths of more than 16,800 nursing home residents and workers – on average, 1 nursing home resident became infected every minute, and 11 people died from the disease each hour. Is there a possibility that these incidents could have been avoided if nursing homes had better sanitation and hygiene? Yes, ozone generators for nursing homes is the ideal solution.

Ozongenerator For Nursing

Nursing Home Odor Removal

Most nursing homes odor problems are not easy to overcome due to their unpredictable nature and many different locations. The odors in nursing homes get embedded into bedding, walls, carpets and furniture. These odors are tough to remove with regular cleaning products and air fresheners. All the usual and expected places in nursing homes like patient bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens require odor control, but there are also other possibilities such as unsanitary laundry, medical attention, and any other mishaps or accidents that may arise.

By using electronic ozone generators, we can control nursing home odors and create a fresh and welcoming environment that is at our disposal at all times, for both the staff and the residents of our nursing homes to feel a greater connection to oxygen molecules in the air and be more comfortable. In order for the ozone devices to work, they must be able to create ozone molecules by filling the room with them.

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The oxygen molecules will break down over the next 20-30 minutes back into their original oxygen atom components as soon as they are released. 

The oxygen molecules contaminate the air by attaching themselves to any nursing home scents they will pick up and neutralizing any negative ions they encounter. Once the nursing home smells have been neutralized, the oxygen molecules will disperse back into the atmosphere. 

Care facilities where guests have a high level of medical issues and spend a significant amount of time in their beds can suffer from nursing home odors due to the presence of both normal body odors, as well as more food and drink spills and bodily fluid accidents than the average facility. 

The presence of microorganisms in these substances, as well as the unpleasant odor, will accelerate bacteria and toxins development in the vicinity. This is a very important reason why nursing home smells need to be handled strictly and immediately in order to protect the residents, their visitors, and their staff from potential health and comfort problems.

Ozonated water

Ozongenerator For Nursing

Ozone-treated water provides a safe and effective way to clean dirty and soiled clothes in nursing homes. It has a powerful anti-bacterial effect and greatly reduces the risk of spreading infectious microorganisms. In addition to reducing the survival rate of pathogens on fabric-based cleaning supplies, ozone reduces the growth of microorganisms. As a result, it is able to kill dangerous microorganisms and reduce mildew in washing machines.

As compared to chemical disinfectants like chlorine, it leaves no chemical residue in the washing water. The Waterline Disinfection System (WDS) provides continuous ozone flow for every load and every wash with our ozone generator systems. In addition to reducing detergent usage, ozonated water allows you to use fewer rinse cycles, which will save you water.

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Staff are responsible for making sure that residents of nursing homes live in a clean and safe environment. Due to humidity and residual water in the washing machine, mildew and its odor is caused by bacteria found in laundry machines. By sanitizing washing machines with ozone, this mildew can be removed. Deodorized machines smell fresher and mildew can be eliminated by ozone.

Bottom Line

Ozongenerator For Nursing

In spite of the fact that older people have weaker immune systems, there is no denying the fact that they are more prone to sickness than younger people. Because of this, good air quality is essential, since illness travels very quickly if it does not. The cause of a big problem would be if one person got sick in a nursing home, and the illness traveled through the air ducts.

Especially since their immune systems cannot handle much, everyone in the facility is at risk of getting sick. Mold and mildew on the premises will make the situation worse. The danger is imminent if any room is smelling musty.

In order to get rid of all of the odors, molds and mildew from their source, our ozone generators penetrate all cracks and crevices in which they live to infiltrate and kill them. All of the air ducts in every room should be left open to remove the odors and mold accumulated over time. By doing so, each room that needs treatment will benefit from the treatment cycle using ozone generator.

You can go through our collection of commercial ozone generators or home ozone generators to find the appropriate one according to your space and other needs.

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