Ozone Kitchen Exhaust For Air Sterilization

Ozone kitchen exhaust systems can help reduce fire risk and environmental impacts from commercial kitchens by solving odor problems. Large amounts of grease are found in the cooking fumes released by commercial kitchens and restaurants, particularly kitchens that use deep fryers frequently. As the fumes are exhaled, soot, grease, heat energy and odor molecules are present. Grease takes on the form of a liquid, gas or aerosol as a result of heat.

Why ozone for commercial kitchens?

As part of the kitchen ventilation system, the kitchen fumes, heat, and odors related to cooking should be vented from the kitchen while fresh air is supplied. As far as possible, the ventilation system should ensure that the kitchen operations do not negatively affect the rest of the property and surroundings.

The air filters in the kitchen hood separate and trap the large grease particles. Eventually, the odors and grease particles in the air are carried through the ventilation duct. As these follow the exhaust air flow, they adhere to duct walls, fans, heat exchangers and pre-filters of the heat exchangers without efficient and continuous air purification. However, some tiny amounts remain floating and pass into the environment like odor.

In the kitchen ventilation system, fat deposits accumulate over time. An ignition of grease poses a significant fire hazard, since it is a very energy-rich fuel. Ozone generators can help you make your workplace a safer place.

There are plenty of complaints from residents and businesses about odors coming from ventilation exhausts. Often, authorities will demand immediate action from the person in charge after hearing these complaints.  

A reliable, high-capacity ozone sterilization system can be used in restaurants and kitchens with deep fryers, grills, woks, and griddles to eliminate grease continuously.

Sterilizing the exhaust air and kitchen duct using ozone generators enable:

  • Less odor problems
  • Possibility to utilize cheaper ventilation material
  • Lower operational costs
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Optimized heat recovery
  • Increased fire safety

How ozone eliminates kitchen odor?

In order to eliminate the acrid and persistent odors that are at home, in your office or in your car, the use of various ozone solutions for ozone air cleaners and deodorizing devices can help.

The use of deodorants, candles, incense and chemical products as a means of reducing and covering strong cooking odors are all useful in the short term, but they will not be able to keep the area completely free from cooking odors over the long run. Recent research has shown that the use of ozone odor control in a building delivers the highest level of benefits for eliminating natural cooking odors in your home in a safe and healthy manner that does no harm to you, the environment or the planet.

We can deodorize the commercial kitchen exhausts through the use of ozone devices that can create ozone because ozone neutralizes the negative ions responsible for cooking odors and helps to purify the air so that it is safer for us to breathe. Furthermore, toxin, bacteria, and gases may be present in cooking byproducts in addition to an acrid and unpleasant smell.

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Using ozone-based odor control devices removes all of these undesirable odors since the molecules of ozone work to destroy the harmful molecules of cooking odors and diffuse them into the surrounding atmosphere. The ozone molecules will come in contact with other gaseous elements, such as nitrogen, helium, and oxygen, once they have been released into space. The cooking odor element will be destroyed when the oxygen atoms merge with it, thus dispersing it without any adverse effects.

There may not be any obvious reasons why cooking odors can harm our health and that of our families as the toxic and bacterial components are a colorless and silent danger. The ozone odor control devices can be used to remove these harmful substances from the home by neutralizing the cooking odor, so that the air is cleaned with this naturally occurring air purifier. To create a more healthy environment for you and your family, ridding the air of harmful chemicals is essential.

Final words

With fryers, grills, woks, and griddles, restaurants and commercial kitchens require highly efficient cleaning systems. From a purification and cost point of view, the kitchen should be fireproof.

An air extract system needs to be able to effectively eliminate grease and cooking odors. Restaurants and commercial kitchens can now take advantage of these ozone generators that were previously only available to the industrial market.

Exhaust air from commercial kitchens can be treated to reduce fire hazards and odors, improve heat recovery, reduce kitchen costs and decrease the impact on the environment.

Restaurants and commercial kitchens emit poorly purified exhaust air that causes odor problems for local neighbors. Unless the problem is addressed immediately, the company could receive warnings from authorities and possibly be shut down entirely. Ozongenerators solutions eliminate all problems associated with these odor problems.

To make working conditions safer and more pleasant for employees, it is also essential to consider industry standards and recommendations when cleaning exhaust air from kitchens and restaurants. In commercial kitchens, the solutions offered by Ozongenerators fully comply with current European standards for ventilation. For more information about our company, click here.

For commercial kitchens that have high airflows and demanding grease loads in the exhaust air, Ozongenerators offers a comprehensive range of efficient and sustainable solutions. We offer multiple commercial ozone generators, you can go through the variety of ozone generators and select the one which meets your particular needs.

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