kitchen odors
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Get Rid of Kitchen Odors with an Ozone Generator

Different from other rooms in a home, kitchens are always for food preparation. In some families, kitchens sometimes function also as the dining room. No matter for food preparation and dinning, you might sense unpleasant odors coming out of there. Odors may also stick to walls or many places in the kitchen. By reading this article, you will not need to walk around to find where it comes from.

Cause of Odors

Without doubt, such odors are not the smell of the raw cooking material and the finished food. They often come from rotten and spoiled food. These odors emerge in the process of the growth of microorganism in food. They may come from different sources. In the following, we will talk about several main sources of these odors.

kitchen odors

Sources of Odors

Just as what we mentioned, odors may stick to walls since it is a large landing field for odor molecules. But when I say walls, it doesn’t just mean there only. There will be smoke escaping the ventilator in the cooking process. Any surface touched by the smoke will possibly be the place to hold odors. These places also include all the gaps between almost everything within the space.

Besides walls, kitchen appliances like dishwashers, drying cabinets, freezers, refrigerators, stoves are also the places where odors often exist. The removal of odors from these devices will be difficult, since you can hardly disassemble all these facilities.

Sink in the kitchen will be the next place to hold odors. Just like these electric appliances, you may easily clean the surface part that you can see directly. But for the PVC pipe, for some untouchable components and corners of the cabinet, these are exactly where food residues often exist. These residues will definitely emit odors to the room sooner or later. The disassembly of all these parts will be time-consuming and laborious.

Another source of the odor may be beyond your imagination. If certain amount of water is trapped somewhere for long time, it will also produce odors. Such odors will be just like that from rotten food. Usually, you can use a piece of duster cloth or a mop to absorb water splashed on the floor. But occasionally, some water may hide behind or under cabinets. It will be left untouched until it vaporizes naturally.

kitchen odors

Ozone Can Do Better

Let’s have a summarization over all these sources of family odors. If you want to eradicate these sources of odors in a kitchen, you should touch everywhere by yourself. But for those places that we have talked about, physical touching will either be difficult or impossible. It costs time and energy. But with the application of ozone, kitchen odor removal and disinfection work will become much easier.

The basic chemical features of ozone determine its high efficiency in odor removal application. It has a powerful oxidizing property which makes it possible to combine with odor molecules, virus, and bacteria. Later, such combination will lead to the change of the basic structure of their targets. By doing this, ozone realizes its odor removal and sterilization functions in a short period of time.

The advantages of using ozone generators lie in the following aspects. Firstly, it is the high efficiency. After you turn on an ozone generator in a room, it will soon and continuously produce ozone in the space. For places in a kitchen which it is difficult to clean, ozone can help to finish the work. Besides efficiency, safety is another concern, especially for home use. The basic function of a kitchen always requires a higher demand for safety. And during the odor removal process, no by-products will be produced. The half-life of ozone molecules is only 20-30 minutes. What you only need to do after the process is to open the door and windows for about 1 hour.

Ozone is remarkable for its highly efficient disinfection and sterilization capacity. For detailed knowledge about ozone, you can go to our Introduction of Ozone to learn more.

kitchen odors

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