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Ozone Disinfection Properties: Here Is What You Need To Know

Ozone disinfection properties are highly effective. This chemical-free option is also versatile and eliminates microbes without using chemicals. It can be used as a spray or wipes to disinfect the required surfaces! Even in hospitals and labs, ozone has been used as a disinfectant! Using ozone is safer for our health. Discover how beneficial Ozone can be in the article below!


Aside from using ozone for disinfection, preservatives, space purification, odor control, and medical therapy, ozone is used in many other applications as well. As disinfectants evolve, environmental friendliness of antimicrobial agents will become more important. Which bacteria, viruses, germs, and fungi will be reduced efficiently? Aqueous and gaseous ozone treatment has the ability to reduce microbial contamination in both water and the air, providing a viable alternative to conventional disinfectants.

How Ozone Works?

Bacteria and viruses can be destroyed by ozone, an unstable gas. Ozone does not produce toxins like chlorinated compounds do during this reaction.  

Ozone has superior disinfectant properties to chlorine and other commonly used chemicals. The short lifespan of the substance means that it returns to its natural form of oxygen when it breaks, leaving behind no residue. When this process occurs, free oxygen atoms destroy bacteria and organic matter in the water and air as they attack any other particles. When ozone reacts with these compounds, it does not produce the toxicity of compounds.

Using ozone treatment to decontaminate water or air is considered a safe and effective method of disinfection. Safety standards and the right levels enable it to be used at home, in the industry, and even in hospitals.

In addition to disinfecting surfaces, cleaning food processing equipment, controlling bad odors and removing bacteria and viruses from the air, ozonation also uses microbial action to kill microbes. Moreover, ozone eliminates microorganisms from cracks, cavities, and filters. In this way, ozone can be used in place of traditional fluid hand disinfectants containing alcohol.

It has been repeatedly demonstrated by various research studies that ozonation is an effective method for eliminating bacteria and viruses, as well as a powerful oxidizer for destroying organic matter, iron, and manganese.

Oxygen diatomic in nature, ozone has a very unstable atomic structure. The unstable nature of this compound causes it to decompose within few minutes to oxygen. Its oxidizing and disinfectant properties have made ozone extremely useful for industrial purposes.  

Water Disinfection with Ozone


Water purification has traditionally been chemically done through chlorine, but it is becoming increasingly popular to treat water with ozone. There is often a comparison between chlorine and ozone because both are effective disinfectants, but their properties differ in speed, chemical presence, and effectiveness.

In comparison with chlorination, ozone generators disinfect water nearly three times faster, requiring a shorter contact time between water and ozone. Water is disinfected by ozone when ozone comes into contact with it. In contrast, chlorine will continue to disinfect water for some time after it has been added. It is for this reason that your tap water occasionally smells chlorine. The residual amount does not pose any harm to consumption, but the chemical odor makes it unpleasant. The water is not tainted with ozone after treatment by an ozone water treatment system.

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The oxidant properties of ozone make it an excellent disinfectant, as it instantly neutralizes biological matter like bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Oxidative strength of ozone also helps remove metals from water that would otherwise be complex process. Since ozone can be used for water treatment regardless of pH, it won’t be compromised by acidic water. This highly effective process is also highly efficient. The process of eliminating or reducing contaminants by using ozone takes only few minutes, unlike traditional water treatment systems.

With advances in technology, ozone water treatment is becoming more affordable and many municipalities are considering moving to ozone. Currently, chlorination is less expensive than ozone water treatment, however, the results brought by ozonation are better, so ozone is better option for long term. Additionally, ozone eliminates potential chemical by-products, such as chloroforms and halomethanes, which are created when chlorine is used.

Air Disinfection With Ozone

air disinfection with ozone

Ozone is both air and water disinfectant. The antimicrobial properties of ozone are effective against bacteria, microbes, fungi, and some insect larvae. Ozone is a stronger, greener and more eco-friendly solution than hazardous chemicals because of these characteristics. Generally, bacteria prefer the presence of little ventilation, warm temperatures, and high humidity levels to incubate. Ozone gets rid of mold and mildew. As well as removing pollutants from the air, ozone can also be used to effectively control odors.

Air that has been enriched with ozone at low levels is excellent for purifying the air. The molecular structure of an ozone molecule changes when it contacts a pollutant in most cases. Virulent and bacterial sources are destroyed in order to eliminate odors.

Benefits of Ozone Disinfection

  • It is an excellent disinfectant for daily tasks home as well as for industrials areas;
  • As opposed to ultra violet and chlorine, ozonation prevents microorganisms from regrowing after treatment;
  • It is more effective than chlorine in destroying virus and bacteria;
  • Ozone decomposes rapidly – no harmful chemical residues are left behind;
  • The forms must be generated onsite, so shipping and handling are less risky;
  • Provides additional oxygen to the water;
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Destroys bacteria, virus, germs and any microorganism;
  • Ozone is one of the fastest and most efficient microbicides due to its strong oxidizing properties;
  • Efficient disinfection treatment of water and air; 

Final Words

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