Domestic Uses Of Ozone
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Here Are The Top Domestic Uses Of Ozone

There are a variety of uses and applications for ozone. When it comes to home applications, Ozone has multiple options for use in cleaning, hygiene, consumption, cooking, oils, gels, etc.  The blog post covers top domestic uses of ozone. Continue reading to learn more…


The most powerful oxidant, ozone can be used to oxidize natural, organic, inorganic, mineral, biological, gaseous, liquid or solid materials, such as disinfection, the removal of pollutants, increasing biodegradability, discoloration, reducing toxicity, and for the degradation of specific compounds (water, air etc.). Considering all these features of ozone generators, you can use ozone for a variety of purposes at home, reducing the consumption of chemicals and promoting wellness and health.

What is Ozone?

An ozone layer is a thin layer of gas that exists in Earth’s upper atmosphere as a result of ultraviolet sunlight’s interaction with oxygen molecules.  On-demand ozone is made when air is passed through a special chamber containing a high-voltage “spark,” causing a blue plasma corona to form; it can also be manufactured by using an ultraviolet light chamber.

Top Applications of Ozone for Domestic Use

1. Drinking Water

During the process of treating bottled water, ozone is a powerful disinfectant. Water bottling plants are almost impossible to imagine without ozonation. Water improved by ozonation is of higher quality, consistent, more aesthetic, and has a longer shelf life. Bottled water and other bottled products are disinfected with ozone, as well as the bottles themselves, the cap on the bottle, and the bottling equipment. Ozone allows the environment to remain protected. The disinfectant properties of ozone and its ability to remove unwanted odors and tastes have made it the technology of choice among water bottlers around the world. In addition to bottled water, the users can treat water at their home using ozone generators. What’s more? It does not leave any chemical residues behind like other chemical solutions.

2. Washing Vegetables


Fruits and vegetables that are exposed to ozone will be free of viruses and bacteria. When fruits and vegetables are washed with ozonated water, more than 99.99% of microorganisms such as salmonella, E. coli, and Campylobacter are eliminated.

3. Food Preparation

Food is prepared and preserved with ozone over time (preservative in refrigerated meats, and inhibits yeast growth in fruit). A broad-spectrum biocide known as ozone is highly effective against viruses, bacteria, biofilms, fungi and protozoa.  

Ozonated water is beneficial when it comes to washing, preparing, and cooking food, as it helps to eliminate bacteria and fungus efficiently.

4. Clean Toothbrush

Furthermore, toothbrushes generally accumulate viruses and bacteria from the air.

The toothbrushes can be thoroughly disinfected with ozonated water by washing them with it, eliminating all viruses and bacteria. In order to maintain a healthy routine, you should rinse your mouth with ozonated water to ensure total disinfection without using chemicals.

5. Intimate Hygiene

Using shower gels and soaps for intimate hygiene can put you at risk for health problems because of their use of chemicals. A strong antibacterial agent, antiviral agent, antifungal agent, antimicrobial agent, and antiparasitic agent, ozone has a wide range of properties.

The use of ozonated water to perform intimate hygiene will protect against Candida albicans and Enterococcus faecalis. The use of ozonated water can also treat athlete’s foot, nails, fungus, and wounds (which are common with diabetic feet).

6. Sterilization

With ozonation, water can be purified without using any chemicals, killing bacteria and viruses.

It becomes more efficient, practical and safe to sterilize baby bottles, pacifiers, bottles, among other accessories with ozonated water.

One of the benefits of ozonated water is that it can be used to wash and disinfect wounds and infected areas. With ozonated water, inflammation is reduced and disinfection is performed in a safe manner.

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7. Air Purification

Ozone generators offer safe and 100% natural air purification at low concentrations.

You can use the ozone machine in your home to remove bacteria and viruses that cause illness and bad odors in the air, giving your home a healthier, cleaner environment without having to use typical air purifiers.

Pollutant molecules attach to ozone molecules and are usually converted to carbon dioxide and hydrogen when they contact them. The source of the odor is eradicated through the destruction of viruses, bacteria and other microbiologically based contaminants. There is huge difference between ozone and other electronic filters currently on the market. As compared to other methods, ozone destroys contaminant molecules rather than simply masking them.

8. Pet’s Odor


Pet owners often cannot handle the smell their pets generate at home, and these odors can penetrate furniture, bedding, and carpets, as well as stick to walls and ceilings. It is very effective to treat your home with ozone to remove pet odors since it attacks the source of the odor. Learn more about removing pet odor with ozone generator here.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind, as ozone is circulating throughout a facility, it can oxidize pet odors everywhere it is in contact, since it is a very active molecule that follows animal odors to eliminate odors from carpets, cupboards, furnishings and upholstered furniture, as well as from inside air conditioning ducts. However, make sure there are no pets in the room during the ozone treatment.

9. Remove Smoke

Since cigarette smoke penetrates tissues, water-based paint and other materials, the smell of cigarettes remains for a very long time after the smoke has disappeared. An ozone treatment is one of the most effective methods for removing smoke odors.

When the smoke is treated with Ozone in a domestic system, the molecules that cause the odor are effectively altered. A process called oxidation creates molecules that do not smell and are non-offensive since the extra oxygen is bound to other molecules. Because of its gaseous nature, ozone can be cleaned anywhere air can flow.

Bottom Line

At Ozongenerators, we will precisely recommend the right ozone system for your domestic needs. Our ozone generators and accessories come in many capacities that allow you to choose the best. You can explore different options available here and get the right one according to your requirements.

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