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Benefits of Ozone Treatment for Water Damage Restoration

In our previous article, we introduced ozone used in the removal of pet odor, smoke odor, kitchen odor and other common odor types. Today we are going to introduce you to a more complex type of odor, which is the odor problem caused by water damage.

Water damage restoration is a common problem in many homes. Mold and mildew problems may soon appear in water damaged rooms and furniture. The wet conditions caused by flood can be a perfect breeding ground for molds. The mold problem from water damage is not on the same level as the musty smell in furniture. Water damage can be anywhere from flooded basements to damp attics to crawlspaces filled with stagnant water. In humid conditions, mold can emerge in as soon as 24 hours. Even if only 1single mold spore appears in an area, it can multiply by billions in a matter of hours. In this article, we will introduce how to use ozone to for water damage restoration and solve related problems.

Mold Growth after a Water Damage

The most immediate problem facing water damage restoration is the growth of mold. So many harmful types of molds and fungus can be found around the world. They can grow in high-cellulose material such as wood straw, wet leaves, dry wall, wallpapers, carpets, fiber boards, ceiling tiles, etc.

water damage restoration

Mold is not only unsightly, homes with water damage restoration needs can be continually permeated with disturbing odors, which can be toxic to those with allergies or other sensitivities and cause serious health impact. In fact, mold spores themselves cannot make people sick. The mycotoxins they carry are actually what cause diseases. Mycotoxins exist because of the mold. They attach to mold spores and cause illness when they are inhaled.

Medium to high humidity is a condition for mold growth. But even when the environment is dry, these molds can also cause respiratory problems such as stuffy nose, wheezing, red or itchy eyes and skin, difficulty in breathing, increased asthma, fever, and shortness of breath. In addition to its impact on human health, mold can also cause damage to the materials it contaminates and causing structural damage.

Therefore, there are double tasks in the use of ozone for water damage restoration: the restoration of the environment and the elimination of health risks. And ozone is very good at dealing with both.

Ozone Water Damage Restoration

The following are the typical steps for the use of ozone in water damage restoration and mold removal:

  • Preparation: Prior to ozone treatment of water damage or mold problems, a professional dehumidifier should be used to completely dehumidify the environment. All mold-contaminated and damaged building materials should be cleaned up.
  • Ozone treatment: After the above cleanup, place the ozone generator in the center of the room to be treated. Since ozone is slightly heavier than air, the machine can be placed slightly higher. Then, turn on the machine and use the timer to set the time required. Depending on how the environment is contaminated, the treatment process may take anywhere from 1 day to a week.
  • After the treatment: Shut down the machine when the room is estimated to be sufficiently treated. Then open the doors and windows to allow the ozone gas to be fully diffused. Check to see whether there is still the smell of mold. If the odor persists, repeat the treatment until the odor is completely eliminated.
water damage restoration

Application Circumstances

Water damage restoration using ozone can be applied in a wide range of environments. The following are some of the applicable circumstances:

  • Properties
  • Wet areas
  • Garages
  • Changing rooms
  • Bathhouses
  • Warehouse
  • Basements
  • Toilets

Benefits of Ozone Water Damage Restoration

Using ozone for water damage restoration and mold removal has the following benefits over using chemicals such as bleaches:

  • Ozone has an obvious eliminating effect on mold spores
  • The strong oxidation of ozone can quickly eliminate mold and associated odors caused by water damage
  • It is time-efficient, money-saving and safe for the family

The following facts about ozone water damage restoration can tell why ozone solution is the most effective:

  • Ozone is the strongest oxidant that can be used to disinfect water
  • Ozone can kill the pathogen faster
  • Ozone treatment does not affect the pH value of the water
  • Ozone can oxidize metals such as iron and magnesium in the water
  • Ozone can soon and safely be broken down into oxygen after a treatment
  • Ozone can oxidize organic matters in water into biodegradable substances for an easy filtration
water damage restoration

2 Misconceptions about Using Ozone

Some people worry that ozone’s strong oxidation will cause damage to the items in the environment during the water damage repair process. And 2 of the most common misconceptions are:

1. Ozone will oxidize metal pipes and cause rusting

The fact is that ozone has a very minor corrosion effect on metal pipes. And to cause a significant erosion will take months to years.

2. Ozone is 100% residual-free

When ozone treatment can be considered residual-free, time length should also be considered. Ozone can remains in air or water for a short period of time after an ozone treatment. When we say that there will be no residual, we mean that ozone has a very short half-life. Ozone can last for hours in clean water. And in dry conditions, it will last only 10-20 minutes.

For more details about ozone, please check our article: An Introduction of Ozone

Our Ozone Generators

We are a manufacturer of ozone generators with many years of product research and production. Our products can be used to eliminate and control the development of mold in a variety of water damage restoration operations. You can choose to purchase ozone generators with ceramic ozone plates which are more cost effective. And you can also choose quartz tube type ozone generators. They have a longer service life and are more adaptable for the use in harsh and humid environments.

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