musty smell

How to Purify the Musty Smell in Furniture

Does the musty smell in your furniture annoy you? Does it make your clothes and air in the room smell the same like the furniture? Whether it is a wardrobe, a sofa, or a bed, if the furniture is too old or from the flea market, it will possibly give off a musty smell. You may take it for granted that the removal of such smell is easy. But later, the difficulty will be beyond your imagination. On one hand, the growth of mold can be a threat for furniture’s stability. And on the other hand, it may also bring potential risk to the health of your family members.

musty smell

Now let’s have a look at the regular practices of removal of such unwanted smell. The following is a list of the regular solutions people often apply to deal with musty smell.

What We Often Do

Dry paper: This might be the most common means adopted by many of us. Dry papers can be used to casually absorb that unpleasant smell. But you will find later that such absorption cannot solve the problem fundamentally.

Oil soap: Oil soap will be a good choice when you need to clean and polish the surface of your furniture. By using it, you can turn your old furniture into a new look. But for the musty smell from the furniture, oil soap can do nothing but to cover it up.

Sodium bicarbonate: Also called baking soda, sodium bicarbonate is sometimes put into the closet or other furniture by some people. They do it for the odor removal purpose. Yes, you can do that. But the truth is that what it does is just the same as oil soap. It won’t be long before the return of the musty odor.

Paint: Some people also try to mask musty odor up by painting their furniture. But such painting coat cannot live up to your expectation. If no further measure is taken, the musty smell can gradually penetrate the coat of the painting and continue to emit.

musty smell

Oxidize It

The above four measures are the general solutions adopted by many people when handling musty smell in furniture. But as a result, these different paths lead us to the same destination. That is to mask, rather than to remove the odor. They just seem to solve the problem. But actually, they don’t, and also, they won’t. In fact, these is a more realistic approach to deal with the problem – to oxidize it. And what we need will be just an ozone generator. It will provide an effective, thorough and pollution-free method for your odor removal endeavor.

Ozone Generator

Ozone can be seen as a reactive form of oxygen. Technically, an ozone generator takes advantage of the high oxidization of ozone molecules. Ozone molecules can change the chemical structure of the pollutants. By doing this, the pollutants will no longer be offensive or harmful. It produces ozone by ionizing air or oxygen. Whether from smoke, bacteria, mold or other containments, ozone generators can remove all these unwanted odors. They make it by destroying their molecule function. Even for furniture with painting coat, ozone will still do the work. Ozone molecules can penetrate such coat and function effectively.

The use of ozone generators will be easy and efficient. It takes only about 30 minutes of room closure time for odor removal operation. Followed by another over 1 hour for air ventilation. No residue will be left after the process. For detailed information about ozone, you can go to our previously published blog “An Introduction of Ozone” for reference.

musty smell

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