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Ozongenerators is a professional international trade company specialized in multiple types of ozone generators. Compared with domestic trade, there are several differences in international trade. It can be summarized as the following points:

First, since international trade involves at least two or even more countries, there will inevitably be differences or even conflicts in policies and laws of different countries. Secondly, the transaction amount of international trade will relatively be larger. The transportation distance of the goods, as well as the performance time of contract, will also be longer. Due to these factors, both parties have to bear greater risks. Thirdly, in international trade, in addition to the importer and exporter, the trade process will also involve transportation, insurance, banking, commodity inspection, customs, and other departments. Therefore, the international trade process will be more complex.

Here we have compiled a general process of ozone generator purchasing from china and what we can do for you in the process.


Target the Ozone Generator Types You Need

There are multiple types of ozone generators available in the market today. When application location is mentioned, they can be categorized into home ozone generators, commercial ozone generators, industrial ozone generators, agricultural ozone generators, car ozone generators, etc. From the different ways to use ozone, they can be divided into ozone generators for space sterilization and ozone water generators for ozone water production. Also, when ozone production rate is mentioned, they can also be divided into varied types based on their performances. In this part, we will give you the most appropriate recommendation based on your judgement for your sales market.

We Provide Ozone Generator Customization

Although we have multiple ozone generators available on our platform, we still believe that product customization is very important for our clients. Therefore, we accept personalized product customization for multiple products. Our clients can do the product design and choose the shell materials by themselves. We will also provide professional advice based on where the ozone generators will be used and the ozone production requirement. Our clients can inform us of their demands for the product, and then we will carry out the design and production work accordingly.

Transportation of Ozone Generators

Upon completion of production of the ordered products, we will contact our client and make the delivery according to the purchasing agreement. The delivery and insurance of the goods will also be carried out in accordance with the purchasing agreement.

The Receipt of Ozone Generators

We will keep in touch with our client during the goods transportation process. So, our client can timely get to know where it is. This will also help the arrangement of the receipt of the goods at our client’s side. It is hoped that if there is any problem emerged in the process, it can be solved in time. This is also valuable for the optimization of our service in the future.


Why we are confident

We produce ozone generators from start to finish using our own parts and components, our own shells, and the industry’s best quality transformers. All of our components, wiring and fasteners are carefully selected from the highest quality products that are made in China. That’s why we believe that our ozone generator products are the highest quality and highest value products you can purchase from the market.

Ozongenerators is always willing to provide you with any possible assistance in your ozone generator purchasing process. We hope that the above contents can give you a clear idea of what we can do in your future purchasing process. And hopefully it will make your purchase smooth and convenient.

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