Ozone For Fire Damage

The Ultimate Guide To Using Ozone For Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire departments in the United States responded to approximately 353,100 house fires annually between 2014 and 2018, which resulted in a $7.2 billion total in property damage. Cooking was the leading cause of those fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. In order to properly restore a building after a fire, you must fully understand that there are different kinds of fires and, in particular, that cooking fires, especially those that involve proteins, can leave behind noxious odors that can penetrate the structure and materials.

Ozone For Fire Damage

Fire damage restoration involves removing smoke odors from documents, furniture, electronics, clothing, wood, carpet, and other household items.  

After a house has suffered fire damage, restoration teams can take a few different steps to remove smoke odor from the building. Ozone generators are one method today that is used to remove smoke odor. Using an ozone generator, ozone (O3) is created, which, when in contact with the particles, reacts chemically. In this way, the odor of smoke can be removed from furniture, clothes, and other possessions after a fire using industrial ozone generators.

What is Ozone?


Three oxygen atoms are negatively charged in the molecule ozone. After a while, the ozone molecule falls back into its original form due to its instability and short half-life. Oxygen molecules formed by the addition of an extra oxygen atom to an oxygen molecule are in essence ozone molecules. Chemical reactions naturally produce ozone. In addition, ozone is also created by thunderstorms, water falls. Thunderstorms are characterized by high voltages, which result in the formation of ozone.

Whenever ozone is mentioned, the above examples automatically come to mind. However, there is a lot of focus today about artificially producing ozone for air treatment and water treatment.

How Ozone Generator Deals With Fire Damage?

In the presence of artificial ozone, pollutants gain a different chemical composition as a result of the gas. As the ozone is spread throughout the area and the smoke molecules are broken down, this is a popular method of smoke odor removal.

It is generally possible to complete a job with an ozone generator in about 30 minutes. Because of its short half life, ozone can build up quickly in confined areas, making it the best choice for treating a wide range of odor problems. Depending on how many rooms you want to clean, an ozone generator is usually recommended to run for 20-30 minutes. Inhaling ozone, however, may harm the human body’s cells because it is unstable and highly reactive. The proper place to use an ozone generator is in an unoccupied area.

In a process called oxidation, the extra oxygen atom forms a new molecule that is neither offensive nor odorous when it is attached to other molecules. Gasses such as ozone can be used to clean any surface where air can circulate. Other cleaning techniques simply cannot remove the odors it removes. That’s one of its many advantages. Smoke damage will require more ozone to remove the odor, so you may need to repeat the ozone treatment more than one time in this situation. Ozone molecules are enough to react with the offending molecules for the treatment to be successful.

Since it does not require additional masking agents, oils, or chemicals, it is a straightforward process as compared to other odor removal methods. The process does not involve fogging, spraying, or wiping. The ozone generator is safer to use than thermal foggers. By plugging in, turning on, and running the machine continuously throughout the house, the machine eliminates smoky, moldy odors effectively.

To get back in after shutting off an ozone generator during large treatments, you’ll need to wait a few hours.

Is it Safe?

Smoke damage odors can be eliminated most effectively using ozone. An experienced contractor can carefully regulate temperature, humidity, and treatment time to ensure maximum benefits. As long as ozone is controlled with care, it will not harm your belongings. In order for users to understand the power of ozone, it’s important for them to know how to use the ozone generator. 

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Some people believe that if they wash their clothes multiple times after a fire, they will be able to clean them. Smoke in clothes cannot be removed this way. Other methods leave behind residues or byproducts that must be cleaned later, but ozone is effective because it doesn’t do that.

Ozone itself is not dangerous, since it is a form of oxygen. In the event of overexposure, however, the lungs may be harmed.

Exercise Caution When Using Ozone  

Ozone For Fire Damage

Consider taking the appropriate precautions to protect workers and occupants if you plan on using ozone generators in indoor environments. Here are some things to consider:

  • Ensure workers and occupants are informed about ozone by distributing safety data sheets.
  • Ensure that any items or materials that might be adversely affected by ozone exposure are removed or protected.
  • Prepare the area where ozone will be used for proper environmental controls and display warning signs.
  • Workers should wear appropriate personal protective equipment and avoid working in ozone-producing areas.
  • Immediately after ozone treatment, the area should be thoroughly ventilated before workers are allowed back into it.
  • Following the use of ozone, collect air samples to verify that the ozone level is safe and that toxic chemicals and byproducts have not been left behind.

Final Words

Ozone generators are effective in reducing fire damage odors. Ozone generators, which provide commercial capabilities, provide high concentrations of ozone that can negate fire damage. The cleaning and removal of damaged items from fire must removed first. Smoke should be neutralized across every square inch of the room, particularly in areas inaccessible by hand, before reoccupying the room.

If you use it properly, Ozone is guaranteed to work. Saturating the space with high concentrations of ozone is crucial to a successful treatment. One of the primary means that practitioners in the fire restoration industry use to neutralize smoke odor is ozone generators. So you can effectively use ozone generator in your home to deal with fire damage.

All things considered, the ozone generator systems can help you deal with fire damage. You can check out our best ozone generators here. You can also contact us if you have any queries or need any sort of help in choosing the appropriate equipment for your needs.

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