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The Simple Solution Of Ozone For Care Homes Hygiene

In order to maintain high standards of hygiene in care rooms and throughout the facility, Care Home Managers and Housekeeping staff deal with numerous challenges. It is essential that prospective residents and their families trust those standards. If they encounter unpleasant condition, they may consider moving elsewhere. Continue reading to learn more about how ozone for care homes can maintain hygiene in your facility.


The Importance of Hygiene for Care Homes

The residents of care homes suffer from a variety of illnesses associated with old age. A poor hygiene environment can cause an attack of germs that their immunity is not ready to handle.

Staff members of nursing facilities who do not practice adequate hygiene can spread germs with residents as a result of poor hygiene. Understaffing in nursing homes is usually directly responsible for the lack of hygiene among nursing home staff.

If nursing home residents suffer from poor hygiene, this can have a negative effect on all nursing home residents – especially if staff neglects the personal hygiene of nursing home residents. A great deal of assistance is required in nursing homes for residents to do things like go to the bathroom, change their clothing, change their diapers, change bandages, brush their teeth, and do related chores.

The staff of a care home performs poor hygiene when they do not change residents’ clothing. Also, care home residents need to be bathed regularly and need their wounds to be treated regularly. It is important that the nursing home facility maintain a clean environment since germs can be found in unkempt areas. 

If nursing homes do not regularly sanitize their showers, baths, and bathrooms, then there is a high risk of germs spreading among residents. Unhygienic conditions can also cause diseases to build up. There is a possibility of the passage of germs through food that has been contaminated if the contaminated areas are not properly cleaned. Cleaning frequently touched surfaces such as tables, chairs, and other surfaces in nursing homes is necessary to prevent the spread of germs.

Opening windows can cause the temperature to drop to an unattractive level in care homes, making them not the best ventilated of environments.

Anyway, the perfect solution for all these problems is Ozone! It is often necessary to use chemicals in large amounts, but these chemicals can cause unpleasant odors themselves, and only mask the issue temporarily.

The quick, effective, and affordable solution of ozone generator can be tailored to fit your needs. By reacting with and destroying odors, including incontinence, vomiting, smoke, and bacteria, ozone eliminates odors efficiently. The ozone is naturally converted back into oxygen after treatment, leaving no perfumed or chemical scent behind. No harmful chemicals are left behind. It is also effective at sanitizing areas which are hard to clean due to its ability to reach through the entirety of the room, such as bedding, carpets, fabrics, and furniture. 

Possible Uses of Ozone

  • Sanitizing of Vacant Rooms to make ready for the next occupant.
  • Sanitization of Occupied Rooms (the resident would need to be removed from the area for a short period of time)
  • Odor Control in Hallways and sluice rooms
  • Bacteria and Odor Control in Bathrooms
  • Sanitization of Kitchens
  • Sanitization of Waste Areas
  •  Reduction in the spread of illness

Ozonated Water For Care Homes


Ozonated water is used in laundry to disinfect clothing and reduce the risk of spreading infectious microorganisms that are present on dirty and soiled clothes. Chemical residue is not left in the washing water, ozone makes the membranes sterile, so pathogens have shorter lives. Furthermore, it prevents mildew from forming in washing machines in addition to killing microorganisms.

Unlike chemical disinfectants like chlorine, it is not hazardous to the environment. By reducing laundry detergent use, ozone water saves water by requiring fewer rinse cycles per wash load.

The elderly are often unable to keep up with their personal hygiene. Some residents have dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, which make maintaining their personal hygiene very difficult.

In some cases, care home staff can neglect basic needs such as food, bathing, and regular movement if they are too busy dealing with more serious issues. One reason for poor hygiene in nursing homes is that some staff members aren’t properly trained in how to clean patients. They may not have received specialized training in proper health care.

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Lastly, if staff members and residents do not wash their hands regularly in care homes, there can be problems associated with poor hygiene. Elderly residents who live in nursing homes may not have the opportunity to wash their hands for long stretches of time, causing germs to breed.

Keeping nursing homes clean and safe is the job of nursing home employees. Due to a combination of moisture and residual water in the washing machine, the presence of mildew and its odor results from bacteria found in the facility. It is possible to remove mildew from care rooms by sanitizing them with ozone. Mildew and its smell can be eliminated by ozone and all areas of care rooms can be effectively deodorized.

Bottom Line

Care homes need to understand the need for good hygiene and use proper equipment to help keep areas clean. An ozone generator must be used to clean all areas of the care home so that residents are as comfortable as possible. Apart from communal areas and bedrooms, ozonated water must also be used to clean toilets, baths, showers, and bathroom floors to minimize the spread of diseases – something that is more likely to contract among the elderly. 

Ozongenerators provides ozone machines that are simple to use, quick to set up, and require no chemical refills, so their energy consumption is reduced.

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