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Remove Smoke Smell with an Ozone Generator

The effects of smoking on human health need not to be stated any more. It is a major cause of lung cancer. In addition to posing health risks to smokers themselves, there are also health risks to other people exposed to smoke smell. Compared with other common odors at home, smoke smell is relatively the most poisonous one, and to remove smoke smell is not very easy. In the burning process of tobacco leaves, it will release a large amount of toxic and irritating gas, which includes carbon monoxide, phenol, ammonia, and other chemicals. These compounds can result in respiratory irritation in people who inhale these gases, especially in people with allergies and asthma.

remove smoke smell

Why Smoke Smell is Difficult to Remove?

In addition to posing health risks, the tar contained in the cigarette smoke can stick to surfaces such as walls, ceilings and the interior of furniture. Tar will also penetrate into almost every nook and cranny in your home, such as curtains, carpets, and other decorative materials.

For this problem, you can consider air ventilation method. But in the end, you will find that it doesn’t work at all. You may also consider masking the smell with odor removal chemical products. And consequently, you will find that it will not last long. Since tar will be very sticky when it is attached to almost any surface in your home. Air ventilation can not effectively lead to its evaporation. What these chemical products can do will only be temporary work to have it covered. After many methods have been tested, the ozone solution will turn out to be the only way to go. In fact, the oxidization of smoke smell molecules is the only effective measure to conquer such smell. And an ozone generator will be a great choice for the smell molecule oxidization.

remove smoke smell

Advantages of Ozone

Ozone will solve the smoke smell problem from the very source. As the gas ozone flows and spreads within a room, it will react with not only smoke molecules in the air, but also with substances like tar that has stuck onto various surfaces. The strong oxidization property of ozone enables it to react with the smoke molecules quickly, and thus change the chemical properties of the target molecules. By doing this, the goal of smoke smell removal will soon be achieved. Also, since ozone is in gas form under room temperature condition, it will reach all the spaces where smoke smell can go to. This will promise the thoroughness of full-scale smell removal effect by ozone.

Besides smoke smell removal at home, the interior space of cars is another common location where smoke smell accumulates. Air ventilation is not an effective solution for smoke smell removal within a car. When odor removal chemical products are used, such smell will temporarily disappear. The problem is that such phenomena will not last long. After a short period of time, such smoke smell will be back again. The problem lies in that what they have done is just a covering work rather than to erase the source or have it reacted completely. Long-term existence of smoke smell in a car will pose health threat to the driver and passengers. What’s more, when the car with serious smell problems is in second-hand market for sale, its pricing and preference will surely be affected. When this kind of situation has surfaced, it is ozone who can do the work that cannot be replaced by other cleaning and sterilization methods.


The interior of a car is the space where leather and rubber materials are largely used. Due to the strong oxidization property in ozone, when an ozone generator is used for smoke smell removal, its service time should be monitored in case of potential damages.

remove smoke smell


Families, hotels and apartments are the most possible places for smoke smell gathering. This kind of locations will benefit a lot from the application of ozone generators. Its application provides a great assistance in the prompt and thorough removal of smoke smell in these circumstances. Additionally, compared with the economic cost in odor removal chemical products, the cost in the application of an ozone generators mainly lies in the purchase aspect. Its economic cost in daily use and maintenance will be quite low in the long run.

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