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Ozone Safety: Are Ozone Generators Safe To Use?

Ozone is a popular cleaner and sterilizer for homes, but the ozone safety has been questioned. Testing has been conducted by various researchers to determine safe levels of ozone, as well as levels at which ozone can have a negative effect on health. People only experience various symptoms when they are directly exposed to relatively high levels of ozone for longer time. Continue reading to find out detailed illustration about ozone safety.


Ozone is today used safely in close proximity to people due to ozone concentrations maintained below the safety threshold, making use of ozone for general cleaning around homes extremely safe.

Comparatively, cleaners found in most households today are much more dangerous than ozone. It is important to not overlook the health risks of commonly used products, such as bleach and other petroleum based, acid based, or alcohol based cleansers. Cleaning products like these can cause irritation and damage to the skin, eyes, respiratory system, and internal organs of a person.

Due to cost, availability, or the stigma that ozone may not work as well as the more harmful cleaning products, we have covered all the information you need to know about ozone safety.    

Is Ozone Generator Safe for Skin?

ozone safety

Frequently, cleaning products are used while cleaning. Disinfecting high-traffic areas, like eating areas, kitchen counters, washrooms, and other areas with a lot of use contributes to a healthier environment. Interestingly, most of the products commonly used to clean these places are toxic and require special handling.

These types of cleaners often come with extremely detailed instructions for handling the potentially hazardous chemicals found in them, for instance in commercial kitchens and restaurants. In addition to these warning labels on the back of the cleaner bottle, you will also find suggested handling instructions and emergency instructions listed on the bottle next time you see it in a store.

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On the other hand, Ozone is not known to cause skin irritation, so using it is considered very safe. Ozone will not harm sensitive skin if it comes into direct contact with it. With no risk to your skin, you can scrub every surface, counter top, wash basin, dish, and appliance, with the same cleaning power.


Ozone has a safety threshold where, under a specific level of concentration, it is safe to be around, but when it exceeds a certain level it becomes dangerous. To keep the ozone produced at a safe concentration limit while maintaining its effectiveness as a cleaning agent, the technology used to produce ozone for use at home is designed.

Under certain conditions, most household cleaners are also considered safe for use at home. Depending on the type of cleaner, the cleaning space may need to be well ventilated, and face masks or other protective equipment may be required. Similar and other more serious side effects may result if these cleaners are used without proper ventilation.

Likewise, when ozone disinfectants are used, it may be necessary to ventilate the area, but it is not always necessary. If you are using ozone to clean in and around your home, you do not need to use special protective equipment. Using ozone does not result in lingering toxic gasses since it simply breaks down into oxygen after use.

Efficiency of Ozone


How well do cleaners clean compared to their dangers? Cleaning products and methods should always be chosen with the health of one’s family in mind. Determine whether the benefits of the cleaner outweigh any risks. It is up to each individual to determine whether they should focus more on safety or effectiveness when choosing cleaners. 

Ozone offers thorough disinfection without any risk to health and safety. It is a great alternative cleaner for homes, offices, and businesses looking to move away from more harmful options. Consider ozone the next time you need to clean your home, office or business.

Bottom Line

Before you begin using an air purifier or any other air device, you should first review the instruction manual to become familiar with how the machine works as well as the dangers you should avoid when using it inside. It is possible that ozone machines can vary slightly in size, and therefore they may not cover the same amount of area.

In an area where an ozone generator will run, it is important to remove all living things, including people, pets, and plants. The presence of ozone in an indoor environment at higher concentrations can be hazardous to humans and even to some household contents, so it should be avoided at all costs. To time the run-time of the ozone machine in your environment, if one is not provided on the machine, you must set a timer if one is not provided.

The use of ozone generators is used to purify indoor air by removing various pollutants. Ozone generators can be used in both commercial and residential settings to remove airborne pollutants (noxious odors and mold/mildew). Furthermore, they can be used to treat water. More information about ozone generators can be found here. 

All things considered, now that you understand the ozone generator is completely safe to use in your space. Consider checking out these best ozone generator machines. You can also let us know if you have trouble choosing the right ozone machine for you. We will help you out with the best recommendations.

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