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Ozone Generators’ Applications in Cosmetics Factories

Cosmetics factories traditionally rely on ultraviolet light for sterilization, but this method has numerous drawbacks. Ultraviolet rays effectively kill bacteria only when they are directly applied to the surface of an object and reach a certain level of intensity.

However, cosmetics workshops are typically spacious, which leads to reduced intensity of ultraviolet radiation, particularly over longer distances. This results in the creation of large dead angles where effective sterilization cannot be achieved. Additionally, ultraviolet radiation requires a prolonged period of exposure to effectively disinfect.

As a result, cosmetics factories are now opting for alternative disinfection methods, and ultraviolet disinfection is no longer the primary choice in this industry.

ozone generators

By using ozone generators, ozone disinfection has emerged as a novel alternative to traditional disinfection methods, offering numerous advantages. It eliminates the issue of dead angles, ensuring thorough sterilization. Moreover, ozone disinfection operates swiftly, possesses a cleaning function, and exhibits excellent deodorizing and purifying effects. This method utilizes air or oxygen as its raw material, resulting in no secondary pollution.

Ozone generators finds extensive application in various settings such as cosmetics workshops, food workshops, and pharmaceutical workshops. Its primary purpose is to disinfect the environment within these spaces as well as purify the production water, thereby ensuring the safety and high quality of the products manufactured.

Ozone generators in cosmetics plants have various applications including:

1. Air Purification and Disinfection in the Workshop

Given that cosmetics contain chemical substances, they often generate odors, dust, and airborne bacteria. Therefore, it is essential to disinfect the air within the workspace. Ozone disinfection, conducted through the central air-conditioning system, offers a comprehensive solution for sterilizing both the workspace and the air-conditioning ducts. This approach effectively prevents the growth of bacteria that may occur over prolonged periods of air conditioner usage. Ozone, being a gas, possesses remarkable permeability, enabling it to penetrate every nook and cranny without leaving any dead angles. Moreover, ozone disinfection is rapid. By opting for ozone generators, the process becomes convenient and efficient, with disinfection periods ranging from several minutes to around ten minutes.

2. Disinfection of Canned Equipment and Cosmetic Containers

Given the frequent switching of product types during the production process, it becomes crucial to prioritize the disinfection of canned equipment. Whenever there is a change in materials, prompt ozone disinfection of the cans is necessary to prevent the growth of bacteria due to the residual clean water. This practice ensures efficiency and convenience in maintaining a hygienic production environment.

ozone generators

3. Surface Sterilization of Objects

When raw materials are transported from the warehouse to the workshop, their surfaces may carry bacteria. It is essential to promptly disinfect them using ozone. Additionally, tools and other items utilized in the production process should undergo regular disinfection to maintain a hygienic environment.

4. Raw water disinfection

Ozone generators are highly effective in thoroughly sterilizing and disinfecting water. It has the capability to degrade harmful components present in water, as well as remove impurities like heavy metals, organic substances, iron, manganese, sulfide, phenol, organic phosphorus, organic chlorine, cyanide, and more. Additionally, ozone generators can successfully deodorize and decolorize water, thereby purifying it. Disinfecting the water supply pipeline using ozone prevents microbial growth within the pipeline and ensures the safety of the water supply.

Through the aforementioned applications, ozone has emerged as a crucial player in the cosmetics production industry. In comparison to other disinfection methods, ozone generators offer significant advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness, convenience, practicality, and high efficiency. This results in a substantial reduction in sterilization costs.

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