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Ozone Generator For Industry Odor Removal

As cities move closer to industrial areas, odors from industries are becoming more and more problematic. Processing industries, fisheries, biodiesel plants, and the like can generate odors that can be troublesome to the surrounding environment. In close proximity to urban areas, odor control systems have become essential. However, ozone generator for industry odor removal is the ideal solution. Here’s why…

Why Ozone is Great for Industrial Odor Removal?

Industrial air sterilization with ozone treatment is efficient. The oxidation potential of ozone is very high, meaning that it can break down other molecular structures.  Ozone breaks down organic compounds which cause odors, so it is easily able to remove them.

In kitchen ventilation as well as in a range of industries, odorous compounds can be found, such as VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), H2S, and volatile fatty acids (VFAs). Although malodors don’t necessarily result in physical health problems, they disturb the surrounding, leading to complaints towards their source.

Odorous VOCs can originate from microbial or thermal decomposition of organic matter, which is a common process in breweries, wastewater treatment plants, cooking and food industries.

VOC emissions are often emitted from the same sources as H2S, but only when sulfur compounds are present in the substrate. There is a significant concentration of sulfur compounds in organic material in the food and wastewater industries, which causes H2S emissions. As a result of anaerobic reduction of sulfur compounds in bioreactors or digesters, H2S is also common in breweries and biogas production plants.

The use of ozone allows to remove odors from industrial off-gas in an environmentally friendly and chemical-free manner. In contrast to scrubbers and bio-filters, ozone has proven to be an effective agent. Ozone can be added to certain scrubbers to eliminate the need for chemicals. By doing so, water can be reused without risking legionella outbreaks.

Contaminants and odors can be present in the air from various sources and are not only annoying, but are also potentially harmful. Any bacteria that produce odors are often incubated in a warm, moist environment with little ventilation and warm temperatures. It is sometimes impossible to remove these odors using traditional means such as ventilation, UV light, or an air purifier due to their pervasiveness. The odors can also have adverse effects on the safety and performance of workers in commercial and industrial settings. All things considered, ozone is the most efficient method of eliminating odors when organizations are exposed to potentially harmful odors.

Some of the other technologies, such as using UV or chemicals dispersed in aerosols, must be exposed for a longer period of time, they cannot be applied in isolated spaces, they are toxic, or they are ineffective against certain pathogens. These limitations do not apply to ozone. In addition to odor control and food storage applications, it is used to control viruses, bacteria, and cysts, as well as to resolve disasters and prevent mold. It is also an excellent disinfectant for large volumes of air.

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Shock Treatment

Shock treatments are most commonly used in the residential and commercial sectors. Ozone generators are used in shock treatment to create high levels of ozone in a controlled, enclosed environment. Depending on the size of the room and output of the generator, the process usually takes minutes to several hours. Bacteria, viruses, and pathogens that cause odors can be effectively killed with this type of treatment. 

Ozone must be allowed to dissipate for a short time after exposure for safety reasons, as well as to prevent occupants from moving into the affected area.

HVAC Mounted

The same problems can be eliminated by HVAC mounted systems, but with a slightly different approach. A specific ozone generator is used in this type of system, which is mounted in the duct of an HVAC system near the furnace or air conditioner. It’s possible to treat a whole office or home with an ozone generator. Human occupied spaces are able to produce ozone using an HVAC system.  The device can be used in offices, homes, and any building that has ductwork to handle air.

How do Ozone Generators Remove Odor?

The ozonation process produces ozone by separating oxygen molecules (O2) into single oxygen atoms (O), which are then able to bond with each other to create ozone molecules (O3). The oxygen molecules are split by either corona discharge or UV light, which utilizes electricity to do so. Upon contact with organic materials, such as bacteria, fungi, microorganisms, and some insect larvae, ozone molecules attach themselves. Through oxidation, odor-causing substances are broken down into their component parts, sterilized, and neutralized. For treating areas in which airborne bacteria, viruses, and mold are present, two primary methods are available: Shock Treatment and HVAC-mounted systems that provide continuous low-level treatment.

Ozone generators produce different concentrations of ozone depending on many factors. 

A device in a small area will have a higher concentration than one in a large area, if the device is more powerful or if there are several devices being used at the same time. The doors of the room should be closed if there are not as many materials or furnishings that are adsorbent or reactive with the ozone. It is better to have less outdoor ventilation. The highest concentrations are observed at the point where the ozone leaves the device. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer/vendor to recommend the size of the device in relation to the space where it will be used.

Benefits for Industrial Air Treatment and Odor Control with Ozone

  • Ozone works fast
  • No harmful by-products (ozone is a green technology)
  • Ozone is safe
  • Automated operation
  • Improved air quality and work environment
  • Eliminates odor efficiently

Ozongenerator Solutions for Odor Removal

Several solutions have been developed by Ozongenerator for solving odor problems in many applications. We select and design the most effective solution for removing unpleasant odors based on the case situation and the customer’s requirements.  

A thorough analysis is needed before treating each odor. Therefore, we have developed different models according to the customers needs. You can check out our different models of industrial ozone generators here and get the best one according to your needs.

About Us

Ozongenerators is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ozone generators. The company has been engaged in the R&D, production and foreign trade of ozone generators for many years, so it has rich industry experience in both ozone generators and ozone applications. Ozongenerators strives to provide the most competitive ozone generators to our clients. The company has a production factory with its history over 30 years and advanced production lines and complete instruments and equipment.

The components, wires and fasteners adopted in our products are all sourced from first-rate Chinese suppliers after long-period cooperation and selection. Through our self-owned production factory, the quality of the components and the production process can be effectively controlled, and the high quality and long-term stability of the products can be promised. This also helps to maintain the products’ price competitiveness.

At present, our products include Car & Home Air Ozonators, SPA & Home Water Ozonizers, Commercial Ozone Generators, Agricultural Ozone Machines, Industrial Ozone Generators, and Ozone Generator Spare Parts. We have continuously been making great effort to improve the quality of our products while enriching the variety. Today, whether for commercial, industrial, agricultural, car and SPA applications, we are capable of providing high quality ozone generators to satisfy the ozone application demands from different industries.

In the future, we will continue to develop new ozone generator products according to market trends. In addition to our regular products, we also provide product customization service to meet the personalized and differentiated demands for products from our purchasers. Therefore, at Ozongenerators, no matter what our purchasers need in their orders, we will try our best to make it realized with our existing products and our product customization service. We take product quality and customer service as the foundation of our development. In recent years, our products have been well received by purchasers from Europe and USA for their excellent performances and reliability.

If you are purchasing ozone generators or other related products, please visit Ozongenerators.com. Based on your needs, we will provide you with the most appropriate and cost-effective product solution. We believe that our products can better help your future product sales. You can contact our Customer Service for more information. We are looking forward to establishing a cooperative relationship with you and becoming your product supplier.

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