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Ozone Generator As Bactericidal Disinfectant

Ozone’s bactericidal power is well known and has been used for over a hundred years for this function. Nevertheless, nowadays it is easier to use it in a controlled and precise manner. After the necessary amount of ozone has been consumed to eliminate organic matter, and with very little addition of ozone, satisfactory results can be achieved in a short period of time. Ozone generator gives a comprehensive process that enhances a effectiveness, efficiency, and performance of your business space without a doubt. Here is detailed information about this bactericidal disinfectant.

How Does an Ozone Generator Work

Many people are familiar with ozone generators, but most of them don’t understand how they work. Ozone generators, as well as ozone machines, are machines that are used to create ozone from varying sources of oxygen, such as ambient air, dry air, or concentrated oxygen. In ozone generators, oxygen molecules are given energy to produce ozone (O3) by splitting apart atoms of oxygen molecules (O2).

In addition to disinfecting water and purifying air, the ozone is used in the production of hydrogen peroxide. A small hand-held ozone generator can make several hundred grams of ozone an hour, but there are also larger industrial models that can produce several hundred grams an hour. Unlike ambient air units, industrial ozone generators must use very clean, very dry air or oxygen, and have a corona cell that can generate very high concentrations of ozone.

There is already a lot of trust in ozone among large companies. It has been a goal for some large farms to gain a better position in the market. Through the installation of an ozone equipment, you can offer truly ecological products, which have grown in chemical-free environments but have also been protected from viruses, bacteria, fungi and pests.

With a generator capable of producing ozone, irrigating with ozone will provide the nutrients and health that each crop needs, but it will not be compromised by microbes that could lead to pest contamination.

How is it possible to obtain ozone?

There are only two possibilities. Biologically, it occurs when ultraviolet radiation caused by the sun interacts with oxygen present in the atmosphere. In the end, ozone acts as a real filter, since it makes up a major component of the ozone layer (also known as ozoneosphere).

It is also possible to create ozone artificially. Although ozone has been discovered for a long time, it was only in the last few years that its applications have proven to be truly beneficial for businesses from multiple sectors, when ozone has been using its bactericidal properties to its full potential.

There are several ways to achieve this, among which is silent electric discharge (also known as “in cold”). This is the most advantageous method, because radioactive particles are not needed. In order to accomplish this, ozone generators are required.

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Bactericidal power of ozone  

It has a strong infiltration of wastewater in order to find viruses or enteroviruses in water. In every situation, our equipment and ozonation systems can be used to measure the levels. Complete disinfection can be performed in a water treatment system, with the freedom to know that shock treatment can be made, and that it may then be reduced to maintain the level.

In several studies, it has been demonstrated that ozone has a greater effect at low temperatures because it dissolves better in water and can remain there longer. Interestingly, ozone actually attacks bacteria better than chlorine at high temperatures since they tend not to sporulate and break the spores. There is no doubt that ozone disinfection is less affected by pH variations than chlorine disinfection.

Types of Ozone Generation Systems

UV light and corona discharge are two methods for generating ozone. Additionally, ozone generators may be distinguished by another characteristic: they may produce aqueous or gaseous ozone.

1. Aqueous Ozone Systems

Gaseous ozone is injected into water by aqueous ozone generators. You can then disinfect surfaces or circulate the ozonated water in a water system using ozonated water. There are countless uses for this technology, ranging from food disinfection to cleaner-in-place processes to wastewater treatment.

The ozone treatment is more effective at removing viruses and bacteria than other methods, such as chlorine or UV radiation. Ozone also requires very little contact time, thus reducing overall treatment time while simultaneously leaving no chemical residues. Having a high oxidation potential, ozone can effectively degrade microbes and viruses, causing cell membrane fragmentation and biomolecule decomposition. The water becomes clean and free from microbes and viruses.

Having no harmful by-products from ozone use is an important requirement for many water treatment applications. It decomposes into oxygen when it decomposes. In addition to inhibiting regrowth of microorganisms, ozone treatment reduces particulates in wastewater.

2. Gaseous Ozone Systems

Air treatment and odor mitigation applications for gaseous ozone generators are numerous. Contaminants are treated in the air with ozone as well as on exposed surfaces with ozone. Airborne odors and contaminants can be effectively reduced or removed using ozone’s oxidation process.

Safety regulations and guidelines regarding ozone systems are very important. The application of ozone shock treatments should be done in a space that is unoccupied. The goal is to ensure that equipment can be used continuously, and that the correct safety measures are in place to maintain acceptable levels of ozone.

Bottom Line

If you would like ozone equipment installed at your facility, or if you only need equipment to ozonate water, please contact us. We will be happy to provide you with ozone generating machines that will save you time, money, and most importantly, make your company healthier.

Contact us today for more information about the right ozone generator for you.

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