Advantages of Ozone
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Major Advantages of Ozone Generator

The Earth’s atmosphere contains ozone at low concentrations, formed by ultraviolet light, an electromagnetic radiation, and electric discharges, such as lightning. The ozone is formed by the action of ultraviolet light, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation. In terms of time and cost, ozone has proven to be the best way of air and water treatment. It is applicable in a wide range of industrial applications. Some top advantages of ozone include eco-friendly and sustainable treatment, as it comes down to zero chemicals and leaves no harmful byproducts behind.

What is ozone?

In nature, oxygen is among the most prevalent molecules. The ozone consists of 3 oxygen atoms, so it is a triatomic form of oxygen. With high concentrations of ozone, the gas has a light blue color. When low concentrations of ozone are present, the gas has no color. In addition to ozone’s distinct odor, there’s also a very pungent odor at high levels. At low levels, it may appear as if it’s a “clean” odor. Gases that readily decompose to oxygen are unstable. Gases such as this one is highly reactive and have a very strong chemical oxidizing effect.

Improving Indoor Air quality

Poor indoor air quality is one of the biggest environmental health concerns in the USA, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). According to reports, the air inside your home or business can be much more polluted than the air outside. Many people spend a greater percentage of their time indoors than outdoors. Cooking and waste, as well as pets and smoke, can leave odors in the air inside your room. In addition to these types of contaminants, the use of heating units and air conditioners year-round can negatively impact air quality even in well-kept homes and businesses. The air in a building or house is trapped and recirculated.

Advantages of Ozone

 In spite of the existence of filters in ventilation systems, these ozone generators are designed to capture only larger airborne particles, such as dust particles and dander. Microorganisms, viruses, mold, or microscopic contaminants that cause odors aren’t effectively eliminated by them.

For commercial and residential applications, ozone systems can reduce many of these indoor pollutants. The ozonation of the air passing through HVAC ducts is one method. The air must be monitored with an ozone ambient monitor after it has been scrubbed, to ensure that it contains no residual O3 when it enters a room where people might be. You can also get rid of mold and microbial growth inside your space.

Deodorization of Trash and Garbage

The purpose of ozone applications is to reduce the microbial growth and remove odor in the trash rooms of workplaces, commercial office buildings, condominiums, shopping centers, healthcare facilities, and apartment buildings. In the trash room, an ambient ozone monitor ensures that ozone levels are high enough to remove odors without being too high for people to enter.  

Deodorization of Effluent Water

Advantages of Ozone

Lift stations, wet wells, and sewage treatment plants emit hydrogen sulfide and other odors that ozone neutralizes. If odors need to be eliminated, they can be expelled into a contact chamber via direct injection or blower, or they can be injected into headspace via direct injection or blower. Odors from sewage treatment plants are treated using a contact chamber. Oxygen can also be used to neutralize odors from food processing and industrial processing. During the reaction process, ozone is consumed, so with the right dosage and a sufficient reaction time, there is no residual ozone and no odor left.  

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Monitors and control systems should be in place to control ozone production. Stacks and ducts are unable to produce the same reaction time as an ozone generator. Through a sparger inserted in the odor supply duct, ozone is introduced into the contact chamber. A point of injection can be located near the end of the odor production duct or farther upstream. Wet well applications often involve ozone being delivered directly into the wet well’s headspace in order to introduce ozone at a smaller scale. Because ozone is heavier than air, it forms an ozone blanket when it is introduced near the surface of the water.  

Top Benefits of Ozone Generator

Here are ten reasons why ozone is a viable solution for any industry needing clean air and water:

  • The effectiveness of chlorine in breaching bacterial membranes is over 50% higher than that of bromine.
  • Over 3000 times faster than chlorine at eliminating a wide range of bacteria.
  • Low concentrations of this disinfectant are potent.
  • It decomposes into oxygen gas and leaves no hazardous byproducts behind.
  • Suitable for food processing.
  • FDA-approved.
  • Most food products are extended in shelf life when stored with this additive.
  • Effectively removes odors, tastes, and colors.
  • Produced on the spot easily and economically, ready for application.
  • Humans are easily able to detect low concentrations of these compounds, making them safe to handle.

Bottom Line

All things considered, ozone generator have plenty of other advantages and it can handle a wide range of applications. Such as ozone generators are suitable for home usage, commercial business or large scale industries. You can check out our collection of ozone generators here and choose the one that suits your needs. You can also contact us to clarify any queries you might have.

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