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How to Import Ozone Generators from China

As a superpower in manufacturing field, most of the world’s consumer goods are produced in China. This is a great opportunity for global purchasers. Many purchasers choose to buy ozone generators from China, which has turned out to be a successful strategy.

For global purchasers, especially those who are new to the China market, its also brings difficulties as well as opportunities. Therefore, the selection of ozone generator suppliers and the subsequent import process can be complex and confusing, accompanied by increased costs. These problems can further lead to longer delivery times and higher costs for ozone generators.

We are a professional supplier of ozone generators for global purchasers. Next, let’s take a look at some of the problems that overseas purchasers may encounter in purchasing ozone generators from China and how to make the import process smoother.

In the process of importing ozone generators, the following problems are often involved:

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1. Choose a factory or a trading company

The suppliers of ozone generators in china can be categorized into two types: factories and trading companies. Their differences are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Differences in Production Capacity and Professionalism

Compared with trading companies, factories have the advantages in their production capacity. But they don’t know much about the applications of ozone generators. For factories, their professionalism in ozone generators is limited to the demands for ozone concentration, whether they can work continuously and whether it needs to be moisture-proof. For a specific application of ozone generators, e.g. swimming pool sterilization, who can provide the solution are often the ones from engineering, rather than factories.

Whether customization of ozone generators is available

A factory manufacturing ozone generators can support the customization of the products, while trading companies will not be able to support such customization.

Choose replenishment or return

In case of problems in products, factories with production capacity prefer to choose the replenishment so as to avoid the high logistics costs of returning. For trading companies, since they do not have any production capacity, they can only choose to return.


Factories tend to focus on the production side of ozone generators, while foreign trade companies are more professional in the foreign trade process.

Check the business license

If the supplier is a factory, the scope of business on its business license will include the content about production.

Whether they can provide VAT invoices

In China, the factory are able to issue VAT invoices. Therefore, they are generally factories if they can issue VAT invoices. When the integration of manufacture and trade is involved, then the purchaser had better refer to a sourcing agent. In this way, there will be an advantage in pricing. Meanwhile, the purchaser should figure out whether tax is included. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense.

Different MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) Requirements

Comparatively, factories often have a higher MOQ requirement in an order than trading companies. Trading companies can accept a lower MOQ.

Product Category

Typically, factories tend to provide only several products under one or two categories. Suppliers that can offer a variety of products under multiple categories are often trading companies.

Whether a factory audit report is available

Factories often have factory audit reports for the supply of products to other purchasers.

ISO 9001 Certification

Many factories are ISO 9001 certified in China. Trading companies basically do not need this certification. So, they are not able to provide it.

Location in China

For the agglomeration effect of industry, the manufacturers of a certain type of products tend to gather in a certain area. Therefore, if a factory is located in an area where the related industry is concentrated, it is often a factory.

Business operation record

To get to know more about a supplier, other methods include to check their years of business operation, exhibition records and operation of their 1688 accounts in China.

Whether a factory inspection is possible

Factories can support a factory inspection while it is impossible for trading companies.

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2. Ozone generators

During the communication with a supplier of ozone generators, the following can also be chosen to confirm:

Can the supplier provide the material list of the purchased ozone generators?

A material list is the general list of all the parts and materials used to make a product. A credible supplier of ozone generators should truthfully provide such lists.

Can the supplier provide the photos of the interior of ozone generators?

With the photos of the interior of ozone generators, a purchaser can check the workmanship of the products. Meanwhile, you can sense their confidence in products by whether they are willing to provide these photos.

Can the supplier provide a set of core accessories for ozone generators for replacement?

Some suppliers of ozone generators tend to provide a set of core components in addition to the products itself. This is helpful for the purchaser to make a timely replacement in the event of possible product failure in the future.

Purchase of large ozone generator equipment

If a large ozone generator equipment is being purchased, to avoid the possible trouble in installation, the purchaser should consult the supplier about whether an on-site installation service will be provided.

Purchase of ozone generator accessories

If you are purchasing ozone generator accessories, attention should be paid to whether related certifications are available. These certifications should include flame retardance, electromagnetic compatibility, and compliance of materials used in components such as enclosures, circuit boards, etc. There should also be relevant safety certifications. For ozone generators, there should not be any risk of electricity leakage or ozone leakage.

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3. Price

In the market, there is fierce competition in many industries. The same ozone generator may be priced differently, resulting in confusion of prices. For this, it is rational to consider the ozone generator with average prices and avoid choosing the ozone generators with either the highest or the lowest quote. To get a clear picture of the price of ozone generators in the market, we suggest the following two approaches:

  1. Find someone who is experienced in the market of ozone generators in China and ask him to get to know the market;
  2. Learn about the prices from two sources. The first one is to take the first approach. The other is to find the price by yourself through every possible means. And then, you can compare the prices.
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4. Customs declaration

In the foreign trade process of ozone generators, in order to make the customs clearance easier, it is better to avoid using ozone generators as the name of the products. Instead, using air purifiers or water treatment equipment as the names of the products will be a better idea. When importing ozone generators, purchasers should be aware of the relevant policies regarding ozone generators in their home countries. In some countries, ozone generators can be categorized as medical devices. The purchaser should learn the policy in this regard before importing.

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5. Delivery, receipt and inspection


The order of ozone generators shall be inspected before the delivery. In this respect, sourcing agents in China can be entrusted to do the work to ensure that there will be no problem. For the delivery, the purchaser should decide whether cargo space will be booked by the supplier or by himself. If the purchaser have a long-term cooperation with a forwarder, the arrange shipment can be arranged by the purchaser. Otherwise, it can be done by the supplier.


When receiving the goods, firstly, the forwarder should confirm whether the order are in good condition. If the transportation of order is operated by the supplier, then if there is a problem, it should be solved by the supplier.


When the order has arrived at the destination, for the receipt, it is best to find a professional who is experienced in both the products and industry to inspect the order if possible. Especially for large ozone generator equipment or orders of large quantities of parts, inspection work will be more important. During the inspection, ensure that there is no problem in either the quantity or the condition of the goods. Unpacking inspection shall be carried out on site. If any problem is found, there should be feedback to the forwarder or the supplier in time. To make the transaction process smooth, we can offer the inspection service from our side.

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