How Long To Wait After Using Ozone Generator
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How Long To Wait After Using Ozone Generator

Ozone is a powerful sterilizer. When it comes in contact with various types of odors, germs, viruses, or mold, oxidative interactions happen and both are destroyed. Ozone then turns back into oxygen. High levels of ozone can be deadly to both humans and animals. However, it does not stay in the air for very long during air treatment. If you use it in your basement, remember to open doors or windows for at least 30 minutes after usage so the air can circulate. Ozone also has the ability to clean your heating and cooling system.

How Long To Wait After Using Ozone Generator

How Long To Wait After Using Ozone Generator

The unit should run for 20-30 minutes to get rid of most pollutants in a single room. You should avoid being in the area when the ozone generator is on.

Ozone dissipates into breathable oxygen in about 30 minutes at lower concentration levels. At higher concentration levels, it takes 3-4 hours for ozone to degrade into normal oxygen. Wait at least 2-4 hours (4 hours in case of higher concentration of ozone) after turning off an ozone generator before returning to the space. The dispersion of ozone in the air is affected by room size, temperature, dust, and pollutants.

Important Tips About Using Ozone Generator

Read Your Manual

How Long To Wait After Using Ozone Generator

Ozone generators can be harmful to people, plants, and animals if they are not used properly. When you are using an ozone generator, be sure to read the manual provided by your ozone generator manufacturer.

Determine How Long to Run It

If you want to clean a lot of rooms, you should run the ozone generator for about 20-30 minutes in each room. This will vary depending on how much space you are trying to clean. However, if you want to clean an entire house, leave the air conditioner or vents on so that the ozone can spread throughout the house.  

Use Ozone Generator’s Timer

How Long To Wait After Using Ozone Generator

Most modern ozone generators have a timer that you can set for different lengths of time. This timer is helpful because it means you can turn the machine off without having to go into the area where the ozone is. If you have to go back in, or if something happens to the timer, make sure to cover your mouth and nose with a cloth so you don’t breathe in the ozone. Ozone is poisonous if breathed in, so turn off the machine and leave as soon as possible.

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Wait Before Going Back In

Entering an ozone-filled room can be harmful to your health, so you must wait a few minutes before going in. After about 2 hours, the ozone will have dissipated and the molecules will have separated, reverting to ordinary oxygen that is safe to breathe.  

What Are The Effects of Ozone?

Ozone is a gas that is released into the air during treatment. Ozone is a natural disinfectant and sanitizer. Ozone is all around us all day long, but it’s unstable and degrades rapidly. It’s also not harmful when consumed in small amounts.

When exposed to ozone in the air, it can cause them to feel a burning sensation in their eyes and throats. People typically don’t have an allergic response to ozone, but there have been a few reports of people getting headaches as a result of being exposed to ozone. Ozone has been used for over a century to help people breathe better. If you are worried about the side effects of ozone generators, please read our blog post about ozone generator precautions here.

Bottom Line

Ozone generators produce powerful chemicals in the air. There is not much information about the negative effects of this approach, however, it is a good idea to be aware of how long you should wait before returning to the area where you treated. In order for the ozone to disperse, you must wait at least 2-4 hours before returning to the area. It is important to wait that time, especially if there are any small children or pets in the house.

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