ozone for hotel odor

The Use Of Ozone For Hotel Odor Removal

Ozone treatments are the most time and cost effective and can be applied across a broad range of industrial applications. Its low chemical requirement and lack of potential byproducts make it the most sustainable and eco-friendly technology available for hotel odor removal. Before we go forward, here is what you need to know about ozone and how it works.

Ozone consists of three oxygen molecules with the formula O3. You can detect its distinctive odor even when it is present at concentrations as low as 0.1 ppm, which makes it a pale blue gas. As an element of nature, ozone is found in low concentrations in the Earth’s atmosphere, where it is generated by ultraviolet (UV) light, which is a form of electromagnetic radiation, and by electric discharges, such as lightning.

The ozone layer of the stratosphere contains more ozone than anywhere else on Earth, absorbing the vast majority of the ultraviolet (UV) radiation emitted by the Sun. Among the most powerful oxidants, ozone dissolves very easily in water, breaking down a wide range of substances and microbes. Ozone is considered to be one of the best methods of disinfecting air and water due to its properties.  

Easy and efficient disinfection and freshening of hotel rooms

Hotel rooms can suffer from different kinds of odor problems, which can be uncomfortable for hotel guests. Guests are less likely to recommend a hotel with a stale or smelly room if they experience this problem. Mold, smoke, sweat, waste, food, toilets, smoke, and other sources of bad odor can be eliminated with ozone purification, a very effective method.

A hotel room can also be quickly and easily disinfected with ozone purification. A clean room is also beneficial to newly arrived guests because it is free of bacteria and viruses. By blending with the air in a room, ozone, which is already a gas under normal conditions, breaks down and inactivates harmful microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria that were once in the air or on surfaces that are hard to reach.

Odors disappear after a short ozone treatment thanks to ozone’s powerful disinfecting properties. There is no comparison to be made between ozone sterilization and other methods of disguising odors through fragrances. By eliminating the odor source, ozone purification can be used to mask odors. Clean air fills the room, so it can be used by new guests immediately. In addition, this method has the advantage of requiring less cleaning of carpets, curtains, etc.

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Hotel odor removal without artificial fragrances

Hotel odors can be effectively eliminated by an ozone generator. The odors in hotel and motel rooms arise from tobacco smoke, body odors, moisture, and food and beverages, as well as from pets. Fumes and vapors from the walls, ceiling, carpets, furniture, draperies, bedding, and bathrooms adhere to and get embedded in the walls, ceiling, and carpet.

A hotel odor generator eliminate smell permanently by oxidizing ozone (O3). Smokers often smoke in non-smoking rooms. 

Apart from scrubbing the walls, ceilings, and other surfaces, tobacco smoke fumes permeate the fabric and furniture, creating smoke odors.

How to use ozone generators for hotel odor removal

ozone for hotel odor

In order to eliminate odors in hotels, the dial is set to operate for 15 to 60 minutes according to the strength of the odor. Oxidization breaks down all odors in the room by covering surfaces with O3.

Turn on the fan on the thermostat for the room air conditioner to remove any odors that have built up inside the unit.

Next, a guest walks into the room and smells no smoke odor. If your guests stay in a room that smells fresh, their satisfaction will be very high.

In hotels where air and water quality are of the utmost importance, ozone is the obvious solution:

1.                  More effective than chlorine at breaking through bacteria membranes by more than 50%.

2.                  A wide range of bacteria can be eliminated 3000 times faster with this chemical than with chlorine.

3.                  High efficacy disinfectant with low concentration.

4.                  The decomposition of organic matter releases oxygen gas, leaving no toxic byproducts behind.

5.                  Food-grade materials that are FDA-approved.

6.                  Extends the shelf life of food products.

7.                  Reduces odor, taste, and color.

8.                  Easily and economically produced, ready to use immediately.

9.                  Low concentrations of substances are undetectable by humans, making them safe to handle.

10.                Human exposure to chemicals is regulated in most countries.

Final words

With COVID-19, the landscape of our economy, our society, the ways we do business, the way people interact with us, and more has changed significantly in a few short months. We must adapt to these changes. As governments and businesses in all corners of the globe consider reopening to the public, the big concern is how can businesses keep their spaces clean to prevent COVID-19 from spreading? You will still have people who will be hesitant to enter your store, shop or salon, even if you reopen. Although we cannot give you a definitive answer about whether or not your business should reopen, we insist on a thorough cleaning process before you reopen.

In high-traffic venues such as restaurants, nail salons, barbershops, retail stores, gyms and movie theaters, an ozone generator could be run for several hours in each room of the space after it has been washed and disinfected the traditional way first.

Using an ozone generator regularly helps remove insects and rodents from the property as well as reduces the risk of bacteria and viruses getting into the building. By treating air ducts and central air conditioning with ozone, the most serious infection in the hotel industry are eliminated.

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