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Ozone Generator For Seafood Processing

Ozone for seafood processing has been used in the food storage system for a long time in refrigerators, freezers, warehouses, and freezer chambers (meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, sausages, etc.). This is to reduce the bacterial index that occurs in the mentioned storage systems, improve the durability of food (in refrigeration, freezing, or fresh storage) and eliminate bacteria to prevent the growth of molds or other bacteria in meat and other seafood products. 

Ozone Cleaning of Seafood

In addition to its application in many other industries that handle food, ozone generator has also proven to be an excellent tool for seafood processing applications to ensure food safety. Traditionally, chlorine dissolved in rinse and wash waters was the most widely used sanitation method in the seafood industry. Although chlorine has a limited effect on killing bacteria on seafood surfaces, it has been the most widely used sanitizer in the seafood industry. Improved sanitation methods are sought because chlorine byproducts can have a bad taste and a negative impact on health. The commercial seafood processing industry has explored and implemented many uses for ozone since the GRAS approval of ozone use in food production was granted in 2001.

What is ozone generator?

There is no chemical or detergent as effective as ozone at fighting microorganisms and cleaning surfaces. It is up to 50 times more effective than man-made chemicals, and without the ill effects or byproducts associated with these chemicals, such as the carcinogenic residues left behind by chlorine bleach treatments. As a natural byproduct of ozone (03), oxygen (O2) is released into purified water. ozone generators are devices designed to create the gas ozone. In water purification, ozone is an effective purifier, but it must reach high concentrations in air to remove pollutants.

Ozone and Fresh Fish Storage

Ozone dissolved into water can be used in the production of ice and in the storage of fresh fish. As a result, ozonated ice is formed by storing ozone within the ice. By storing fish in ozonated ice, shelf-life can be extended, and end users can benefit from fresher, better looking fish. We consume a large majority of our fish from the ocean, which has been caught by large fishing vessels that spend weeks at sea.

The fish that are harvested early in the voyage and stored on these vessels are commonly stored in ozonated ice to ensure their high quality. Oceanic and aquaculture operations are increasingly using ozonated ice for seafood storage.

Listeria-infected products have been shut down by government officials around the world in cases where food processing facilities and smokehouses were affected.  Those with weakened immune systems are at risk of contracting listeriosis when they consume contaminated food.  Listeria monocytogenes is the causal agent, and the food industry disinfects surfaces and equipment that have food contact by applying sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and peracetic acid.

Ozone disinfection

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Several types of bacteria are developing chemical-resistance varieties, including Aeromonas, Bacillus cereus, and Listeria. Other alternative biocides exist, but they are usually difficult to use and can pose health risks to users. A powerful disinfectant, ozone leaves no chemical residue behind, unlike conventional disinfectants.

Our ozone generators can produce ozonated water instantly based on your food processing requirements. With this 100% autonomous system, it is possible to produce ozone from ambient air and electricity inside the onboard generator by plug-and-play applications. All stainless-steel components make this ozone generator entirely safe to operate, including the stainless-steel pump, compressor, and offgas destroyer. Consequently, the output of ozone can be controlled, giving the user greater flexibility and a larger range of applications.

Ozone disinfects quickly and kills the polysaccharides that stick to adherent biofilms – at a concentration of 2.5 mg/l, disinfection is almost instant.

Quality and safety are high priorities for the food industry, including the fishing industry. The ozone treatment of fish guarantees their microbiological safety. Foodborne illness is largely caused by the cross-contamination of microbes in the workplace, not just water quality. Additional factors can affect these results, such as the method of use, the temperature, and pH. To minimize the spread of harmful bacteria, improved sanitation regimens and agents will be necessary. Ozonators may prove helpful in this regard.

Final words

Recent years have seen an increase in awareness about food safety, including in particular approaches to reducing and eliminating human pathogens in fresh products, especially in seafood. When fresh seafood is washed, traditional methods utilize either sanitizing agents or water. Most fresh food is sanitized with chlorine, but it is limited in its effectiveness against bacteria on seafood surfaces. To validate ozone’s use in the food industry, a number of research and industrial trials are underway. To demonstrate the best ways and concentrations of ozone applications in seafood, so that the governments of all countries can approve their application in the fishing industry, the purpose of this article is to show a clean technology that can be applied in the seafood industry along with demonstrating hoe efficient is ozone application in seafood industry.

Its numerous advantages over traditional water treatment methods have increased its use in aquaculture as well. Maintaining the health of fish requires disinfecting circulated water. In addition to disinfecting effectively, ozone does not leave behind harmful byproducts or chemicals that should be avoided. Ozone generators contribute to reducing ammonia levels and improving dissolved oxygen levels in processes. The health and reproduction of animals depend on clean water and our ozone generators can surely help you meet this need.

About OzonGenerators

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