Ozone Generator For Cannabis

Use Of Ozone Generator For Cannabis Processing

Aside from its ability to kill mold and battle pathogens, ozone generators provide a number of distinct benefits. There are many different sizes of ozone generators, from the small portable ozone generators to large ozone generators for large grow and processing facilities that can help in the cannabis processing efficiently.

Oxygen catches harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun and prevents them from harming the human body. Oxygen consists of three atoms of oxygen (O3). Two of these atoms of oxygen compose the oxygen we breathe and can’t live without. The ability to separate itself from the third oxygen atom gives ozone its unique properties. With a flick of a switch, you can generate triatomic O3 with a simple ozonator device and fill a grow room with sterilizing molecules.

The Cleaning Power of Ozone for Cannabis

Ozone Generator For Cannabis

The oxidizing power of ozone is incredible. It is significantly more powerful than chlorine bleach, so it can effectively remove all kinds of harmful molecules. The reason for this is that the third oxygen atom leaves the molecule and binds with new substances, thereby altering the molecules’ original chemical composition. An area where marijuana plants are growing can be treated with ozone to eliminate bacteria, fungus, mold, spores, terpenes (only evaporated molecules), and just about anything else biological that could harm them. The use of ozone would not only allow you to periodically clean plants and soil in your grow space, but you could also use it to sterilize equipment, and completely reset the space between cultivations. You don’t have to spend hours wiping down pH meters, cutters, screens, fans, or anything else after using them.

Ozonated Water

Ozonated water makes it easy to clean hydroponic systems without having to drain them down and spend hours disinfecting them. It is safer to pump ozone into water as well, so multiple risks are removed. An air stone connected to the ozone generator can allow ozone molecules to freely roam throughout the hydroponic system, where they will still bind to harmful pathogens in the same way they would in the atmosphere. The ozone generator can even be used during a growth cycle to purify the root systems as well as the water.

Benefits of Ozone in the Cannabis Industry

The oxidizing power of Ozone is much greater than that of chlorine. When it comes to tackling mold, pathogens, fungi, and bud rot, ozone is 2.5 times more potent than chlorine bleach. A grow room can be periodically exposed to ozone for both cleaning your cannabis plants and soil, as well as sterilizing equipment and completely resetting your grow area between cultivations. The pH meters, cutters, screens, fans, and anything else used can be cleaned easily and efficiently.

Using ozonated water in a hydroponic system is a great way to clean it without draining it and spending hours disinfecting it. As ozone molecules bind to pathogens in water as they do in the atmosphere, pumping ozone into water will be able to disinfect entire hydroponic systems. In a grow cycle, the ozone generator could be used to purify the root system at the same time as the water, preventing root rot.

Use ozone to capture evaporated terpene molecules in ventilation systems by installing ozone generators on exhaust pipes. A marijuana’s sweet, seductive aroma is created by terpenes, which are organic compounds. Add an ozone generator to the exhaust and ozone molecules will quickly disperse outside.

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How is Ozone Generated?

An electrical storm leaves behind atoms of oxygen when lightning rips molecules apart in the atmosphere. Upon bonding with surrounding O2, the single atoms form O3, or ozone. A lightning storm dries out the air, causing it to smell fresh. A lightning storm is nature’s air purifier.

Also, the lower stratosphere’s ozone layer is made by molecular fission and fusion, but it is caused by the sun’s short-wave ultraviolet rays, not electricity. Our planet is effectively protected from longer ultraviolet waves by this ozone layer- created by short UV waves. By following either of these principles, ozone generators create ozone:

1. Corona Discharge

A corona discharge ozone generator generates ozone using an electric arc. 2,000-volt high voltage (up to 40,000 volts) is passed through dielectric material (material that transmits electricity without conduction), while ambient air is supplied by a rear-mounted fan to cool and feed the unit. It contains 78.08 % nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, and .93% argon. Trace amounts of other gases make up the rest of the .04%. Ozone is created by severing the O2 molecules with a sustained electric arc.

2. Ultraviolet Light   

O2 molecules in UV ozone generators are sliced in half by waves of ultraviolet light (UV). The generator contains UV bulbs, which emit certain wavelengths of ultraviolet light, which, in turn, separates the atoms of passing molecules of oxygen. The ozone layer between the troposphere and stratosphere is created and maintained by the sun. Compared to corona discharge, UV is much less effective at generating ozone. The ozone output of these generators is considerably lower as a result.

How Does Ozone Destroy Odors?

The oxygen atoms from the ozone molecule react with odor molecules, changing their chemical makeup, so they no longer possess the same chemical makeup. This is a chemical reaction known as oxidation. The oxidation process has transformed a molecule that caused odors into an entirely different substance, which no longer produces odors. As a simple example of this molecular restructuring, adding an oxygen atom to H2O results in the formation of H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide is formed when water is converted to hydrogen peroxide).

Too Much Ozone Might Damage Cannabis

Ozone can have an adverse effect on the production of chlorophyll in plants, which is essential to photosynthesis. Died cells will inevitably result in a plant’s demise, and knock-on effects will kill healthy cells. A too high ozone level suffocates plants, and dead plants cannot produce buds whether they are contaminated or not. So it is vital to use ozone generator properly.

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Ozone Generator For Cannabis
Ozone Generator For Cannabis
Ozone Generator For Cannabis

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