Ozone Generator For Laundry
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Here Is Why You Should Use Ozone Generator For Laundry

Ozone is a great alternative to other cleaning agents when it comes to purifying clothes. By reducing chemical products, odors are reduced, and clothing gets cleaner, free of dirt, requiring fewer chemical products. This results in cost savings. Every residential and semi-industrial laundry system is capable of using ozone generator.

Chemical and hot water laundry systems do not have the same advantages as ozone laundry systems. Chemicals, energy, and water are used in great quantities at commercial and industrial laundry facilities. The waste water produced by these processes requires further treatment before it can be recycled or disposed of.

Ozone Generator For Laundry

The in-house laundry facilities of hotels, hospitals, railways, and defense facilities are large. As a result of labor costs, energy costs, and fresh water requirements, operating these laundries is costly. Along with these, they also must adhere to strict safety, health, and environmental regulations. Commercial and industrial laundry systems have shifted to ozone laundry systems because they save on energy, water, and chemicals. Oxygen can exist in three forms (O2, O3, and O3) and is highly reactive on its own. Decomposing ozone releases only one oxygen atom (O) and only molecular oxygen (O2), both of which have an immediate effect on neutralizing stains, removing odors, and biological contaminants. A powerful quartet of agents is produced by ozone applied at a proper concentration, which is also friendly to the environment.

The use of ozone in commercial and institutional laundry was successful more than three decades ago. Ozone is also compatible with commercial washers. Ozone and chlorine bleach are resistant to all washer parts.

The performance of the equipment has improved day by day and the integration of the equipment has become easier. Existing laundry systems are being switched over to ozonated systems during the creation of new laundry systems. Here are some advantages of doing so.

Advantages of Ozone Laundry Systems:

Using ozone in laundry systems has various advantages.

1) Savings in Energy Cost:

Regularly soiled linens and other clothes respond better to ozone at lower temperatures. Steam or hot water is significantly reduced or eliminated with this property. Heavy greases and oils may need to be efficiently broken down with hot water when cleaning heavily soiled clothes. Ozone enhances its effectiveness below these circumstances.

There is usually a 60 to 100 percent reduction in hot water or steam generation, as well as a 40 to 80 percent reduction in energy consumption. In addition to increasing linen life, ambient water washing reduces carbon footprint and earns significant points in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

2) Saving in Chemical Consumption:

Ozone oxidizes dirt and breaks chemical bonds, so ozone-powered laundry systems require less detergent. Furthermore, ozone has the property of bleaching, so it significantly reduces the demand for bleach. As an additional benefit, ozone works on a wide range of PH, in contrast to chlorine bleach, which has an advantage of reducing chemical demands.

Reducing chemical consumption typically results in savings of 20 to 60 percent.

3) Savings in Fresh Water Consumption and Demand:

In addition to reducing water quantity and one-and-two rinse operations, ozone laundry uses less chemicals and bleach. The mechanism of action of ozone during rinse is fourfold. While the rinse cycle is running, it is also sanitizing the linen, eliminating odor and bleaching the fabric.

The conservation of water will also earn points toward green certification if it saves 10 to 25 percent of water quantity.

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4) Reduced Operation and Labor Costs:

By avoiding the need for hot water, operating costs and maintenance time are reduced. Since heavily soiled clothes require rewashing, reducing rinse operation requires less labor. Rewashing with ozone can eliminate 70 to 90 percent of this demand due to its high efficiency.

There can be a general reduction of 10 to 20 percent in operating costs and labor.

5) Increases the Life of Linen Because of Lower Water Content:

Ozone Generator For Laundry

There are three reasons why linen has a longer life. For one, it doesn’t have to be exposed to strong chemicals such as bleach and detergent. Third, a shortened cycle of washing and drying is achieved by using ambient temperatures. Almost immediately, broken lint is reduced significantly that indicates longer life.

In hotel industries, linens last 15 to 50 percent longer than in hospitals, which last 25 to 65 percent longer.

Ozone Generator in Washing

Unlike other chemicals, ozone functions without any chemicals. This is an extremely clean, natural gas, since it is composed of only three atoms of pure oxygen. It can be found in nature. Since it can simply be connected and disconnected, it is produced on site without requiring storage. Since ozone will do most of the dirty work in your facility, you should not store large amounts of hazardous chemicals there. Our water reuse system also uses ozone to prevent the detergent from degrading when it is dissolved in the environment. A biodegradable detergent is also easily absorbed by the ozone in our water reuse system. Using ozone generators will decrease the number of pollutants present in wastewater.

Ozone generators in laundries with high concentrations of dissolved ozone will result in the creation of hydroxyl radicals or OH molecules at a pH as low as 7 to 8 instead of the 11 normally seen in traditional washing methods. This fact is really important when it comes to treating laundry wastewater. You get more cleaning power as with the traditional clothes of caustic chemicals, without all the chemicals that we obtain as waste, accordingly. When dissolved ozone is present at a high concentration in the laundry, it will produce hydroxyl radicals (OH molecules) that can create a pH as low as 7 to 8 rather than the typical pH of 11.

Final Words

American laundry companies introduced the use of ozone (O3) gas dissolved in ambient temperature water for washing clothes in 1991. Since then, hundreds of laundries have adopted the technology, thanks to its ability to reduce energy use and traditional wash chemicals. The photochemical reaction of sunlight on atmospheric oxygen produces ozone (for example, lightning), which also occurs naturally as a result of electrical discharge (for example, lightning).

Since ozone is eco-friendly and doesn’t damage the fiber of the cloth, it is perfect for removing stains and disinfecting clothing.

Contact us if you are looking for an ozone generating system for your installations. We will do our best to provide you with the most appropriate system for your installation.

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