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How To Choose Best Ozone Generator?

An ozone generator is a great tool for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies. To select an ozone generator that best fits your needs, here are some tips so you can choose one that will fill your home or office with air of optimum quality.

It’s important to understand how ozone generators work and the different types of ozone generators available before you buy one.

best ozone generator


There are a lot of features on most ozone generators that make them safer and simpler to operate. You should have a control on your ozone generator and a fan that will distribute the gas throughout your space. A timer should also enable you to regulate the time when the generator turns on and off. Remote controls are available on some generators so they can be operated from a distance. Dust and allergens can be removed from the air with filters on multifunction ozone generators.

Size and Weight

The size of ozone generators varies depending on their use, though most are small. Models smaller than 7 pounds (some as little as 7 ounces) vary in size from the size of a wallet to about the size of a toaster. In addition to being discreet, different ozone generator models are space-saving and can be easily installed in a wide variety of rooms, including car interiors.  

Ozone Output

best ozone generator

Milligrams per hour (mg/hr) are used as a measurement for ozone production. 

A generator with a higher output can cover a larger area. Some industrial-sized ozone generators pump out as much as 12,000 mg/hr of ozone, so a quality ozone generator should produce at least 350 mg of ozone per hour.

Smaller generators are ideal for small spaces, such as offices, bedrooms, and individual rooms. For commercial settings that require much larger generators, as in hotel lobbies, a much larger generator is required.

Alternatively, larger generators can be used for a short time to “shock” a smaller  area, sterilizing a whole room within an hour or so.

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One of the efficient ozone generator is an ultraviolet one. Oxygen molecules are split by ultraviolet light in ultraviolet ozone generators. It takes a relatively small amount of energy and time to create ozone in these units. Their small size makes them suitable for smaller spaces but not for larger ones, such as offices, bedrooms, and hotel rooms.

The corona discharge ozone generator has a quite powerful output despite its unfortunate name. Similar to lightning, ozone is produced when oxygen molecules are split by an electric current. Corona discharge generators generate ozone gas by splitting oxygen molecules into single atoms on a surface and then recombining them, as they create an electric field on the surface. Large environments benefit from the power and efficiency of this type of ozone generator. Due to the energy needed to create a powerful electric current, it creates a significant amount of heat.

A cold plasma ozone generator operates differently from a corona discharge and ultraviolet emitting units. Instead of using an electrical current to split oxygen molecules, this design uses two neon tubes in a sealed chamber to create cold plasma. Between two tubes, a field of electricity is created by an electrode in the chamber. By splitting the oxygen atoms in this electric field, ozone gas is created. The process is similar to that of a corona discharge generator. The cold plasma generator produces less heat than corona discharge generators, but more ozone gas. Although bulky and expensive, these machines create ozone in large quantities.

Ozone generators using electrolytic systems are used to treat water using ozone. The ozone generator creates ozone from water by splitting the oxygen molecules in the water. In contrast to chemical treatment, ozone treatment dissolves into oxygen and leaves no residue.


It is convenient to take portable ozone generators with you when you travel. Smaller than a smartphone, some weigh only 7 ounces. Plugging them into regular 115-volt outlets makes them compact, ergonomic, and easy to handle. It is easy to move portable generators around the house or to use them in hotel rooms.

What Capacity Should it Have?

best ozone generator

A domestic ozone generator is not the same as an industrial ozone generator. A home ozone generator cannot match the output of industrial generators.

We need to consider how much ozone we can generate in order to determine which capacity is most suitable. The amount depends on the size and location of the place where we will place it. It is measured in milligrams per hour.


A periodic cleaning of the ozone plates is essential for maintaining an ozone generator. It is common for ozone generators to come with removable plates. You can extend the life of your generator’s plates by regularly cleaning its plates.

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