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Ozone Generators For Small & Large Businesses

You can learn about the benefits of ozone generators and its advantages for different types of businesses here. Various industries around the world use ozone as an antiseptic and odor eliminator for many years. With its versatility, it can be an effective substitute for or supplement to traditional disinfection methods, while offering a greater degree of safety and cost savings.

How do ozone generators work?

During ozone generation, oxygen molecules are broken down into single atoms and then attached to other oxygen molecules to form ozone. Into the fan, air passes through a filter, and then it passes from there to other devices. Oxygen molecules are separated by an electrically charged plate. Ozone is the result. All ozone generators work on the same principle, whether they are used in cars, homes, or businesses.

Ozone in industry

ozone generators

Using an ozone generator or ozonator, ozone is produced as a gas or mixed with water (known as ozone water). We offer ozone generators that can be applied either under water or in air. An ozone generator is one of these devices that performs air treatment after damage caused by fire or water. However, contaminated water can still be cleaned. In addition to the applications listed above, ozone generators are also often used in the automotive industry to eliminate odors after mold infestation, for example. A room or space must be cleaned with ozone generators according to its size.

The ozone generators’ performance is therefore variable hourly, and can be adjusted based on the size of the room to be cleaned. Their benefits are innumerable. Since their low input power poses no greater environmental pollution, they are quite energy efficient. The low power consumption of the ozone generators is due to their ability to destroy or neutralize various microorganisms within seconds.

Additionally, the ozone generators do not require chemicals to operate, making them an environmentally-friendly and healthy solution, since the oxidized ozone is converted into oxygen for clear and clean air. An ozone generator operates on the same principle as natural cleaning in nature.

The most common applications of ozone generators are in the gastronomy industry, the cleaning of houses and flats, and water treatment. When proper aeration cannot be provided, interiors often suffer from mold infestation. Occasionally, unpleasant smells occur, such as the smell of nicotine in public places, which can usually be removed by using ozone generators. Since ozone is a gas that expands into every corner and hole, a treatment with ozone generators is simple and thorough.

Is it important to pay attention to which ozone generator to purchase?

Ozone generators have different parameters that match your needs, which should be taken into account. The manufacturers most important value for ozone efficiency is milligrams per hour. This device measures how much ozone is produced during one hour of use. Small spaces, such as in a car, can benefit from generators providing 5000 mg/h of power. 15000 mg/h is recommended for large rooms.

A generator’s size can also affect its efficiency. The first thing you should do when choosing an ozone generator is check how much ozone it produces. You will need a different model to design a small apartment than to design a large production facility. When analyzing the parameters, you should pay attention to the efficiency of the fans. Oxidation efficiency is usually measured in cum/h and indicates how effective circulation is.

Types of ozone generators depending on their use

Ozone generators are used to kill bacteria, mold spores, and other odorous particles in the air. Their purposes vary depending on how the device is operated. Others are designed for home use or for use in vehicles or factories.

Which ozone generator will be best for a transport?

The transport company should first determine which model is suitable for their vehicle before buying an ozone generator. Along with removing unpleasant odors, the antibacterial cleaner will also be used to clean the car’s interior. Turn on the air supply with internal circulation (high power, low temperature) with the ozone generator outlet pointed toward the air being sucked into the air conditioning system.

Maintaining your car’s air conditioning throughout the year is important, especially during the summer and winter.

Every transport provider should have an ozone generator on hand to disinfect the driver’s cab in lorries, or the interior of a taxi due to the frequent use they receive.

ozone generators

The capacity of the plant must be at least 5000 mg/h in order to complete the process in a reasonable timeframe.

Which ozone generator is best for a cleaning company?

Cleaners will have different needs depending on the type of place they are cleaning. A different approach might be necessary if you’re cleaning a big house, apartment, or if you just cleaned a flood or fire. Purchase a generator that is large enough to deal with such areas. Fire-damaged places typically require thorough cleaning as well as disinfection after having been negatively affected by natural disasters.

Ozone generators with large capacities, such as 20,000 mg/h, are required for professional use. A worker should be able to operate in a variety of modes covering different areas, which should include less than 10,000 cubic feet, 10,000 – 15,000 cubic feet, and 15,000 – 20,000 cubic feet. For professional use, models with handles are the best, as they are compact and easy to use.

For more information about setting up a successful cleaning business, see our article about other cleaning equipment for a cleaning company.

Which ozone generator is best for private homes and workshops?

In addition to being used in medical settings, ozone generators are also intended for use in the home. Home workshops can benefit from ozone generators as well. People with allergies, respiratory diseases, as well as newborns, especially benefit from them. In unused properties, such as those intended for rent, they can also refresh the air.

You should also keep in mind the parameters when choosing an ozone generator for a private home. Equipment does not have to have the same features as professional equipment, but efficiency is still important. Remember that higher efficiency means faster ozone treatment. Many models have a timer for setting the working time. Small rooms, such as bathrooms or kitchens, should only be treated for several minutes, while larger rooms may take as long as two hours (depending on the model).

Keeping home hygiene high can also be achieved without ozone generators. Steamers used to dry clothes are similar devices.

Which ozone generator should you buy – summary?

Despite the fact that every device serves its basic purpose, not every model performs optimally in a specific place. So, which ozone generator should I use for a car, and which one should I use for my house? It’s crucial to consider this. Before comparing ozone generator models, you should consider how you will use it. 

If you plan to use ozone in the area, be sure to consider its size. In addition to comparing models’ functionality and circulation, you should check whether they include extras such as a timer, selection of working hours, or UV light (built-in lamp). Your home, business or car will be effectively and efficiently disinfected with an ozone generator. You can check out different options for commercial ozone generators or industrial ozone generators.

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