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Three Ways to Remove Car Odor

When we buy a car, we often encounter an unpleasant car odor problems. The sources of these odors are plastics, rubber, fabrics, adhesives, paints, insulating materials and other materials in automobiles.

Usually, it will take about one to two years for these smells to be scattered. This is not good. Long-term inhalation of this smell is harmful to human body. How should we get rid of it?

car odor


Charcoal has a great effect of adsorption of air. You can keep a pack of charcoal in the car and leave it in the car for a period of time. By doing this, the odor in the car will gradually be reduced. But the absorption will take quite long period of time.

Air fresheners

You can also buy air fresheners for your cars from supermarkets. They can emit a light fragrance and thus remove these peculiar smells in the car. But the problem is that they cannot completely remove the source of peculiar smells. They just do the covering job. They just reduce the unpleasant smells temporarily. The complete removal of the root of the odors will be impossible for them.

car odor


Ozone gas has a strong oxidizing capability that can decompose gas molecules and thus remove odors. It also has a sterilization effect.

When using an ozone generator in a car, please first close the doors and windows, and then invite the generator in. Because ozone is corrosive, the period of use should be set carefully. If it is used for too long, it may cause damage to the parts or components within the car. Generally, the recommendation time for use in a car is 15 minutes.

After the odor removal process, open the windows and doors of the car for ventilation for at least half an hour. You will find that the peculiar smell once within the car has disappeared. It can completely remove the odor in the car after several consecutive use.

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