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5-10g/h Ozone Generator

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  •  MULTIPLE USES: It can be used for room and car disinfection to remove odor. It can also be used to clean fruits and vegetables at home, disinfect drinking water, disinfect children’s clothes and toys, etc.
  •  ADJUSTABLE TIMER: The maximum time can be set 60 minutes, you can set it according to your needs, it is convenient to use and can be turned on for a long time. you should adjust it for more than 30 min when you use it. because it needs time for ozone disinfection
  • HIGHER AIR PRESSURE: The internal use is a 10g quartz ozone tube with an 8L air pump. The powerful air pressure can produce high concentration ozone gas.
  • PORTABLE: The volume is:40*17*25CM, the weight is:4KG. so you can bring it to use in multiple environments.


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5G/H 10G/H

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5-10g Ozone Generator for Home Office and Car Use

Good Appearance and High Quality

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• offices

• hotels

• cars

• pet nests



Home Ozongenerators

5-10g Ozone Generator for Home Office and Car Use

Powerful ozone output:
It can produce 10,000 mg of ozone concentration, this ozone generator is used to produce ozone water, which can be used to wash fruits and vegetables or purify the air to remove mold.
Easy to use:
Just use the remote control to turn on and off remotely. Set working hours according to needs. Avoid people and animals in the space during use, wait for half an hour after use, and enter the room after the ozone evaporates.

Attention to details and flexibility…

We developed a great partnership with Ozongenerators.com. We appreciate their attention to details of the ozone generators and flexibility in the fulfillment of the orders. They did a great job showcasing their products with pictures, video, and thoughtful customer service. It is a credible supplier of ozone generators. We get compliments all the time.

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