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Why should we purify water?

There are some tips of purify water, you should know this!
A. At home,whether you are washing, cooking, watering your palnts and so on, you will be no langer limited to the amount of pure water you can use.The water purification system can prevent more than 2000 water contaminants that may be present in tap water reaching your tap.
B. Drinking pure water can prevent disease to damage the boday health. Pure water can reduce the bladder cancer,colon cancer and rectal cancer and so on when you drink water.
C. When chlorine and other volatile organic chemicals in you drinking water, they may cause skin allergies, pure water can filter these impurities.
D. Pure water can help children and pregnant women,it can provide healthy water with them.
E. The bacteria in the water may also attack you in other ways, so you may be threatened when you take a bath or wash other items, so this is one of the reasons for the need to purify water.
Many water pollution may threat human’s life, so everyone should know why should purify water and how to do!

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