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Why People Need Clean Water?

Everyone know that a human can survive three weeks without food, but if you no water to drink, most people can not go on 3-4 days. Water is the primary necessity. Without it, a living being simply cannot survive.
At first, when you are in direct contact with water, if the water is not clean, you may be infected with some bacteria. Such as clean dishes, laundry and so on.
Secondly, prevention of diseases. Clean water is important for people. If you drink polluted water every day, you may be infected with a serious illness. Such as cholera, typhoid and so on.
Then, help in getting rid of toxins clean. Drinking mounts of water can help you get rid of toxins and keep your body health.
Next tip, agriculture and food production. Many crops and grains need water, if you use sewage to irrigate them, you may be influence by the crops.
Last but not lease,cprovides nourishment. The human bady is made of 60% water, so people need to be adequately hydrated for their physiological systems to function. Water can keep maintain organ health and provide adequate nutrition for each cell.

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