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Why Ozone Can Treat water?

Many people know that purified water can use chemical products, such as chlorine, fluorine, etc. So Why can ozone be used instead of chemicals for water treatment?
Ozone is the most powerful oxidising agent permitted for use at this time.It can oxidizes organic matter on the bacterial membrane, thereby weakening the cell wall, causing the cell to rupture, causing the cell to die immediately. But chmical must be transported across the cell membrance. Ozone does not leave harmful substances after disinfection, which is a chemical that does not meet the standards.
Such as there is an E. coli that is harmful to human health in drinking water, and ozone can quickly eliminate it. And is ozone water safe? Of course! This is a natural reaction process, don’t need any chemical. Now many drinking water companies use ozone to purify water in the world.So you don’t worry about safe!

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