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Where To Use Ozonated Water In Daily Life!


Ozone water is a chemically treated water, simply put, it is the result of injecting ozone into the water and letting it react. Ozonation is a type of advanced oxidation process, involving the production of very reactive oxygen species able to attack a wide range of organic compounds and all microorganisms. Ozone is a very safe and effective disinfectant, but do you do ozone water can be used in daily life?
1.Ozonated tap water: you often use the tap water to clean everything at home,such as vegetables, fruits, cooking utensils, laundry, refrigerator, baby toy, baby bottle, floor, toilets, pet equipments and so on, you only need to put them in ozone water.
About daily necessities, it will kill bacteria and viruses. About food, it can keep them fresh, extend shelf life and remove odor. About plants, it can entend their life.
2.Ozonated bath water: when you have a pet, you will definitely worry about the smell of your pet.You can use ozone water to clean pets, it can kill their bacteria,keep the color( ozone can bleached) and also can remove their odor. And even you can use ozone water to clean you skin, you will get better skin, it can help you remove ance and so on. So ozone water often be used on beauty massage field.
3.Ozonated drinking water: you can boil the water and drink it, it can help you clean up the intestines. Then you can use it for making tea, making coffee, etc.
You can use ozone water in many fields at home, it can let your life become more beautiful!

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