Hot Tub Ozonator
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What is Hot Tub Ozonator? How it Works

An ozonator for hot tubs simply purifies the water. The consumers will use less chlorine and bromine when you use an ozonator. The following article will provide a comprehensive overview of what a hot tub ozonator actually is and what it does.

How does a Hot Tub Ozonator Work?

Hot Tub Ozonator

An ozonator is an important part of your hot tub’s structure. By converting oxygen into ozone using an ultraviolet light bulb (or its equivalent), it produces ozone. The ozone is transported through it by water jet. Ozone and water are mixed together in a hot tub. Aqua in your spa is disinfected by ozone when it comes into contact with bacteria, contaminants, and other microorganisms.

It is not particularly difficult to add an airline into an existing air jet, but some hot tubs come with an ozone jet that facilitates the use of an ozonator.

What Ozone Does in Hot Tubs

  • Oxidizes other contaminants
  • Less odor and chloramines
  • Prolongs equipment life
  • Reduces maintenance time and cost
  • Reduces need for high chemical doses
  • Helps destroy bacteria, viruses, algae, yeasts
  • Natural purification
Hot Tub Ozonator

Ozone can provide an additional layer of protection against bacteria, germs, and viruses in hot tubs when used in conjunction with a regular sanitizer (e.g., chlorine, bromine). As a result, you can use less sanitizer and save money on spa spending while helping anyone with chemical sensitivities enjoy their spa more.

Microorganisms and toxic chemicals are destroyed by ozone, which breaks down and clumps together dissolved solids. Your skin will feel smoother and easier to drink as a result of the treatment.

Additionally, ozone is highly reactive when it comes to breaking up contaminants such as chlorine and bromine molecules. With ozone, you won’t have to shock your hot tub as often since the sanitizers are reused continuously. This will further reduce your costs.

Molecular Level

During a spa treatment, ozone is created by splitting oxygen molecules into two free oxygen atoms. Oxygen molecules are formed when a newly released oxygen atom collides with another oxygen molecule and bonds.

The ozone generator must continuously replenish this oxidizer since it does not last long. The hot tub’s water must be treated at least four to six hours every day in order to dissolve contaminants.

The extra oxygen atom in ozone makes it more effective at oxidizing contaminants than plain oxygen. Organic material or other contaminants cause it to break loose, oxidizing them and destroying them in the process.

Ozonators are beneficial to the health of your hot tub because they are natural cleaners. Our planet is covered in ozone, a layer that protects us. It can protect your water quite well. It will definitely reduce the irritation caused by chemical sanitizers, as it is natural.

Cleaning Solution That Lasts Longer – Having a spa that appears and feels cleaner and clearer will be satisfying. When using ozonators in hot tubs, customers do not need to change their water every three months as often as they do when using chemical sanitizers.

Other Advantages of Spa Ozonators

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Besides soaps, deodorants, hair sprays, colognes, makeups, perfumes, hand creams, sun tan lotions, and deodorants, ozone can oxidize saliva and urine just as well.

The oxidation of organic contaminants by ozone, when combined with a sanitizer, helps kill bacteria, viruses, and germs.

As ozone frees up chlorine and bromine after being combined, they are continuously reused. Water quality can be affected by ozone, since it can enhance the effectiveness of chlorine and bromine, as well as alternative sanitizer systems.

Maintaining a residual may require less chlorine or bromine. Ozone will dramatically improve water quality when it is combined with chlorine/bromine.

It also destroys microorganisms, oxidizes contaminants, and clumps total dissolved solids, enabling them to be removed by filters more easily. Water that is cleaner, clearer, and softer to the skin is the result.


1. What is the recommended operating time for an ozonator?

If you want to get the most benefit from your ozonator, you should run it at least twice a day for 2 hours. Check the instruction manual of your spa for details.

2. Can I add ozonator to my hot tub?

Absolutely! Most new spas come pre-installed with an ozonator kit, which requires only the connection of an injector. Ozone installation options are available for spas that are not so well equipped.

3. Is the ozone produced in my spa safe to me and the environment?

Comparatively speaking, hot tub ozone generators produce very little ozone in comparison to normal air. Oxygen is extremely safe in water once it has been dissolved. 

In this case, ozone decomposes rapidly into oxygen again. You should avoid breathing concentrated ozone gas.

4. Does using an ozonator in my spa allow for the replenishment of the Earth’s protective ozone layer?

In short, no!. Ozone converts back to oxygen in seconds or minutes when it reacts with pollutants in water and air. Any oxygen molecules that break free from the spa water won’t reach the upper atmosphere since they will convert to ozone. 

5. Will ozone affect my pH?

pH is neutral for ozone. Your hot tub water will not be adversely affected by ozone.

Final words

As a whole, an ozonator is a great addition to your hot tub because it is a natural cleaning agent, economical and durable solution, etc. Remember, however, that an ozonator does not completely clean water. The filter still needs to be cleaned and the pH levels of the water need to be checked. The overall result will be a 60 to 90% reduction in the use of chlorine and bromine.

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