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What are the ways of water disinfection?

There are some ways of water disinfection, you have to know!
Chemical methods of sterilization:
1.Ozone seterilization of water: Ozone is a highly effective sterilization chemical for water. It can kill the bacterial in water quickly and it has effective inactivation activities on giardia or cryptosporidium which is not possible by some others chemicals. 
2.Hydrogen peroxide seterilization: this is another ideal sterilizer like ozone. It can kill bacterical without leaving any solid particle to the water.But you need to know the hydrogen peroxide is that it is unstable, costly and toxic at high concentrations.
3.Chlorination sterilization: Chlorination is the most common and cheapest system for sterilization of water. Chlorine input into the water as chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide. When inject it forms several chemicals like hypochlorous acid.
Many methods for water sterilization, so that your health you can try it.

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