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Water Purification: Ozone Vs UV Light!

When it comes to water purification, what do you think of? Do you think of ozone and ultraviolet light? Then do you know more details with ozone and ultraviolet light?
What is ozone purification?
When you add ozone to a diffuser which creats bubbles and saturates them with ozone. It will mixed with water in a water perification tank causing the weaker oxygen molecule in the ozone to separate and bind itself to any organic molecules existing in the water.Then oxidize the organic matter to achieve the purpose of water purification.
What is UV Light purification?
It’s a simple system. UV Light can disrupt RNA and DNA which stop microorganisms from reproducing. But it can only purify the water if ther is no haziness or cloudiness caused by particles in the water.
Ozone is arguably a better treatment since it is a very powerful oxidizer and can kill biofilm. Ozone systems are efficient and have minimal maintenance requirements, whereas UV light systems typically need to have lamps swapped out every 6-12 months.

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